Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tactics in ending

Jimmy Liew - Duong The Anh, Dato' Arthur Tan Malaysian Open 2010

White to move

Black looks quite good here. The white c-pawn looks doomed and black also threatens to fork on c4. Despite shortage of time I found some nice tactical ideas.

37 g4+ !!

This looks like driving the black king to take part in an attack on the white pieces. First I had to examine the retreating move 37...Kg6

37... Kg6 38. f5+ Kf7 39. fxe6+ Kxe6 40.c7+ Kd7 (Black loses more quickly after 40... Kxe5 41. Bd2 Rc2 42. c8=Q Rxc8 43. Bxa5 winning a piece) 41. Rd6+  Kc8 (41...Kxc7 42. Bb6+ wins the knight)  42. Bb6 Nb2 43. Rd8+ Kb7 44. Rb8+ followed by c8=Q.

But what's wrong with 37...Ke4?

After 37...Ke4
37...Ke4 38. Rb4+! Kd3 39. Rd4+ Kc2

Normally black should feel quite comfortable with similar positions. Unfortunately the black rook and knight are lined up perfectly for a skewer. By now both of us were in time trouble.

40. Bd2 Ra3 41. Bxa5?

Time shortage! I was aiming for the rook ending and overlooked 41. c7 wins immediately.
Rxa5 42. f5 Kc3 43. Ke3 Rc5 44.fxe6 Rxc6 45. Rxd5 Rxe6 46. Ke4 Rh6 47. Rc5+ Kb4 48. Rc7 Rxh3 49. Rxg7 Kc5 50.Rc7+ Kb6 51. Rc4 Kb5 52. Rc8 Rh1 53. e6 Re1+ 54. Kd5 Kb6 55. Rc4 1-0


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