Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Round 7 Malaysia live commentary

Follow the moves here

Well, I just got back home and things have really started heating up.

Board 1 IM Mas - GM Gruenfeld Yehuda

Mas has pawn majority on the queen-side. He has a weakness on b4 though. Black d6 pawn is weak but white cannot attack it. I would rate tihs as equal.

8:11PM: This game looks like going to be drawn due to perpetual check. Mas will not dare to move his king to h3.

8:21 PM: Black declines the perpetual, he is trying for win

8:24PM 40. f3 is a nice tactic from black, maybe missed by Mas. ...f2+ queens the pawn.

Board 2 IM Collutiis Duilio - IM Mok Tze Meng

It is another Mokdern! Dont he get tired?
After 10...e5, black will be left with a isolated e-pawn which will be the cause of his problems later.

Ah...Mok plays better than me here. 11...f5 solves the problem of the e-pawn.

Mok has two strong bishops. White just played the trick 21. Bc2, 21..Qxc4? 22. Rxe6 Rxe6 23. Rxe6 Qxe6 24. b4 chasing the knight and threaten to pin the queen with 25.Bb3

Mok living on the edge ; 21...Kf7!?

25. Ne4 looks like a very good move. 25...Be5 26. Nd6+! Qxd6 27. Rxe5 with clear plus for white.

8:08PM: Mok is now in trouble on the long black diagonal. He could get mated or lose material soon.

Board 3 Tan Khai Boon - Klasan Vladimir

Khai Boon reaches a standard position in a Semi-Slav.

14. f4 is not a good idea. The pawn is better on f3 to support the e4 pawn and shut out the black queen bishop.

Opposite sides castling with black opting for queen-side. Khai Boon chances for attack on the queen-side is better as the b-file already opened.

24. Rxf4 is not the correct way to re-capture. 24. Qf5+ followed by 24. Qxf4 is better.
Watch out for 24...Qe3 by black now. Black opts for 24...Be7. What's wrong with 24...Qe3 threatening 25...Rd2

Now 26. Qe6 Qc6 27. Bf3 idea 27...Qxe5 28. Rxb7+!

7:36 PM: I'm not very good at predicting Khai Boon's moves :) 26. Qg6 goes for the g-pawn at the cost of allowing the black queen to come alive. 26..Qe3 27. Re4 Qxc3 28. Qxg7 Rde8 (only move) and now 29. exf6 black can just answer 29...Qxf6. Hope Khai Boon did not overlook this.

8:08PM: Black played 26..Qc5? effectively letting white off the hook and getting into a difficult position as well

Board 4 Parfenov Pavel - FM Peter Long

White avoids a Benko by declining to play c4. But Peter plays ...b5 anyway.
White sacrifices his b2 pawn, but I do not see why black cannot accept. 6...Qxb2 7. Nxa4 Qb4+ 8. c3 Qa5 is possible. White has to prove he has some compensation for the pawn.

White is giving pawns left and centre. Peter two pawns up now but king-side un-developed and king in the centre. Despite knight exchanges, it still looks dangerous for Peter.

7:40 PM: Peter gives back a pawn (its almost forced) and now his king will be exposed in the centre. This is not good.

8:28PM: Peter is lost now. His opponent actually missed the simpler win with 40. Rf5

Mas and Khai Boon still in opening stage, not clear yet what will happen. Mok has solved his opening problem and can look forward to a middle-game struggle. Peter grabs a pawn. It is still too early to say if white can exploit the black queen position. Personally I prefer black.

This looks like it can become an interesting match. All our players have chances to win (or lose depending on how you look at it :)

8:12PM: At this stage, I predict Mas to draw, Mok and Peter to lose and Khai Boon to win.

8:20PM : Mok just lost followed by Mok. Looks like Mas is also lost so its over.

8:45PM: Ladies team will win 4-0 against Pakistan


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