Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Malaysia Round 1 live comments

Round 1 games are live at DATCC

All the Malaysian men's are very tactical and I am not sure who is winning or losing.

Everyone has come to fight! Especially the Englishmen! Two of them sacing a piece for attack. Do they think Malaysian's are beginners at chess? LOL

Board 1 Mas - Michael Adams
Mas plays his favourite Bishop Opening and both sides opposite castled! Who will succeed in the attack?

Mickey offers a draw I think. It is quite dicey for him to play on. Well ,they know they do not need to win all games :) Still it is a small victory to take even a half point from England. And Mok still might be another draw.

Board 2 Luke McShane -Mok Tze Meng
White sacrificed a piece for a strong attack drawing out Mok's king. It will be hard for Mok to survive this. Even if he can find a defence, white should always have a draw by perpetual

Mok just walked into a mate.

Board 3 Tan Khai Boon - David Howell
Black played a Grunfeld, Khai Boon tried to play aggressively. Current position is going to a double rook+bishop ending where Khai Boon is one pawn down. It will be difficult for him to find a draw.

One pair of rooks exchanged to go into a R+B v R+B ending with one extra pawn for the English. This ending should be lost.

Board 4 Gawain Jones - Peter Long
Another crazy sac from the English player. Peter's king in the centre of the board but he has an extra piece for three pawns...I think he has good chances to survive and bring in a point.

Peter just played 25...g5 which seems to completely disregard his king position. He will try to bring his bishop to g7 and castle. But this is a very dangerous move for him to play.

Ah...he proved its a horrible move by following up with a blunder. Now the white queen forking both rooks. It is over for him.

I'm beginning to think we might lose 3-1 "only". Revised to 3.5-0.5 , Mok just walked into a mate.


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