Friday, December 25, 2015

3rd ASEAN Chess Championship

The 3rd ASEAN Chess Championship is now in progress in Indonesia in Jakarta from 21-30 December 2015. The championship is open to players from ASEAN countries which are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.  However only five countries sent representatives. The rating requirement is 2300, but those who do not meet this requirement can play in  the Challengers section. There is also a Women's championship held at the same time.

There is an interesting prize for the winners of the Open and Women. The champion will be receive a GM and WGM norm respectively. In case there is a tie up to three (!) IM and WIM titles will be awarded. This means the winner will automatically become IM/WIM straight away. This is relevant for our players as none of them are IM/WIM yet.

This year's open drew 12 participants  and will be a 11 round all-play-all. There are three grandmasters and six IMs so even if one does not win the championship international master norms are attainable (not grandmaster since there four grandmasters will be required for 11 rounds). For the open the  magic number is 6.5 points from the 11 rounds and for the Women, it will be 7.5 points.

Malaysia has sent three representatives. Yeoh Li Tian in the open and Nabila and Najiha in the Women's. Five rounds have been played so how are our players doing?

Open standings after round five
 Surprisingly none of the grandmasters are in the lead. Li Tian is actually in the joint lead with 3.5/5. There is another six rounds to go so its too early to celebrate.

Women standings after round five
Nur Nabila has three points with four draws and  a win while her sister , Najiha, has two points coming from four draws and  a loss.

Yeoh Li Tian (picture from Chessdom)

Here is Li Tian's win over Myanmar top player rated at 2414.