Monday, April 30, 2012

Historical Melaka International Chess Championship Final Results

Grandmaster Attila Czebe convincingly won the first Historical Melaka International. Going into the final round he had a 1.5 point margin over his closest challenger meaning that even a loss could not prevent him from lifting the champion's trophy.

He easily drew the final game against Indian GM Deepan Chakkravarthy.  As it turned out there were a massive number of draws on the top boards. GM Laxman against  IM Karthikeyan, GM Bitoon Richard against GM Romero Holmes Alfonso and GM Arun Prasad against  GM Fominyh Alexander were all drawn.

Young Yeoh Li Tian turned in a polished performance against SEA Games bronze winner, Indonesian FM Rudin Hamdani. This leaves the lad in a tie for second position with the previous mentioned GM and IM. An even greater success than the previous Brunei Campomanes Open. Unfortunately he missed an IM norm by 0.5 point. So this is the second time Li Tian has missed a norm but the future is bright for this boy.

The second best Malaysian is IM Mas who easily defeated Ismail Ahmad. The latter gave a piece for a non-existent attack. Other best Malaysians are Zaidan Zuklipli and Nayan Ahmad Fadzil who all scored five points.

In the Challengers section, Malaysian Fong Choong Ee defeated the leader to reach 6/9 and a share of the 3rd-5th prize.