Monday, September 27, 2010

Round 6 Malaysia live commentary ( Round 6 started )

During the rest day yesterday, Malaysian team took part in a run "Nations Cross". Some of our players featured on the official site photos.
Mok looking happy and ready for battle after this rest!
Malaysian flag proudly held up, is that Mas?

Board 1 WCM Bakri Alia Anin Azwa - IM  Fierro Baquero Martha L

Alia has an extra pawn but opponent has two bishops versus two knights for compensation. Alia winning now

Board 2 WIM Vasquez Ramirez Rocio - Nur Nabila Azman Hisham

Nabila omitted playing ...d6 and allow white to move his pawn to e5. Furthermore black has castled king-side and now white going for the crass 6.h4 attack. It can get very nasty if black is not careful. Nabila position looking very bad now.

Nabila should be losing this game.She did.

Board 3 Wahiduddin Nurul Huda - WIM Moncayo Romero Evelyn
Nurul Huda has the edge here but still plenty of play left in the position. Our player is in some trouble here and likely to lose.

Board 4 Romero Echeverria Abigail  - Fong Mi Yen

Mi Yen opponent play a strange looking Scotch Opening (5.Nb3!?). Mi Yen mixing it up with 9...Qxb2? Did she overlooked that after 10. Bxb6 white will fork on c7?
The game already looks lost for Mi Yen as she has no compensation for the sacrificed rook.

Mi Yen actually survived to an endgame which is quite an achievement. She has N v R with an outside passed pawn on the queen-side but her knight is somewhat trapped. She should lose this.She just did.

Mens Matches 

The first board for San Marino is an unrated player. So far he played three games and lost all three. I guess they are using him as a sacrifice. Still they field him against Mas and hope to snatch points from the lower board.

Mok plays Mokdern as usual :)

Peter plays against the same variation that Mok used against Bolivia. Maybe he will show how to beat weaker player with  it :) . Peter somehow transposes the position into one similar to a Modern Defence where black equalizes easily.

All the mens games look good after the opening. Peter steadily improving his position, clearly better now. I won't be surprised if he is the first to pocket a point.

Carlsen played a strange looking Modern with his knight on h5. Adams could take on h5 with bishop and win a pawn but did not. Instead he choose to play normally and transpose back to more traditional position. A bluff from Carlsen? Or he is playing chess on an entirely different dimension?

Peter has won and also Mas too giving us a 2-0 lead. We only need a draw from Mok or Khai Boon.

Mok opponent just blundered a piece so the match is won irrespective of Khai Boon's result.

Khai Boon took advantage of his opponent's time shortage to score his first win and make it 4-0.


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