Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Joker

I read the fool's blog post to my publishing of Mark's game. Really, writing a 3,000 word essay to "refute" a published game is over-kill. It seems my intention was not understood. I'm just publishing games to please him since he keep shouting that there are no published games because we are conspiring to hide games.

To tell the truth, I have nothing against Mark, in fact I think he is a good kid and I really pity him (and I mean every word). If life is a game of cards, Mark got dealt a most unkind hand; a joker for a father.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Zone 3.3 Championship concluded

The Zone 3.3 Championship has ended and the champion is Vietnamese GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son. He won his last game while GM Wesley So could only draw against GM Cao Sang. Both will represent the zone in the coming World Cup in Tromso, Norway.

Our representative, Yeoh Li Tian lost his last two rounds to finish with 3.5 points. Did the mad fool have an effect on this results? Who can say?

The final rankings

Game from National Junior

The mad fool keep claiming there are no games or bulletins from the last National Championship. This proves that there is a conspiracy, no? Maybe he should offer to key in all the games from the next tournament. Unfortunately he does not read chess notation, so that is going to be one tough job for him.

Just to please him, let me publish here a game from the last National Junior. That should keep him quiet (?). To tell the truth this is the only game I have from there (someone sent it to me), nothing deliberate here. No comments from me, I do not know how to comment this style of play.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Zone 3.3 Round 7

GM Wesley So is the sole leader after round 7 of the Zone 3.3 in Tagaytay City, Philippines.So beat IM  Nguyen Duc Hoa while Vietnamese GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son only drew with GM Rogelio Antonio.

So leads with six points while Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son is in second place with 5.5 points. GM Rogelio Antonio and GM Cao Sang is next with five points apiece. The eight round will be crucial as these four players meet, So against Antonio and Cao Sang against Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son.

Yeoh Li Tian continued with his good form with a win over Olay Edgar Reggie who is rated at 2353. This takes him back to 50% with 3.5/7. He meets his second grand master tomorrow, GM Richard Bitoon. The full round eight pairings is below -

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Zonal 3.3 Round 6

Six rounds have been completed in the Zonal 3.3 in Tagaytay City, Philippines. The leaders are unchanged , GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son of Vietnam and GM Wesley So of Philippines drew two games to lead at 5/6. Another Filipino GM Rogelio Antonio is third with 4.5 points. There is a big bunch of six players at 4 points.

Yeoh Li Tian drew his sixth round game against Filipino IM Rolando Nolte (rated at 2460). Li Tian now has 2.5 points. It may not look like much but his opposition included one GM and three IMs. He next meets another Filipino, Olay Edgar Reggie rated 2353.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Game fixing accusations

Yes, I do read Raymond Siew's poison blog. No doubt about that. I read it for the same reason that a friend once told me. He read it "for his own protection" i.e. to see if he himself have been mentioned and attacked.

Now the mad fool's latest post is particularly nauseating. He says Li Tian's games in Brunei and Melaka are fixed.

Now the real reason why the fool says so is for two reasons. One, the fool is jealous that his son cannot match Li Tian's results and secondly, Li Tian's father has the audacity to publicly tell everyone what he thinks of him (Raymond Siew). That made Chin Seng his number three enemy  behind me and Peter Long. So that post is just motivated to get back at Chin Seng.

Raymond Siew even quotes the FIDE Secretary as saying that the results are "suspect". In other words, some form of cheating was going on. That is very interesting for the FIDE Secretary to say that (any proof?). I have already written to Ignatius Leong (FIDE Secretary) for confirmation if he did say such a thing. I will see what to do next once and if I receive a reply.

I've known Chin Seng a long time and Li Tian quite well. For sure, Chin Seng is not Raymond Siew and Li Tian is no Mark Siew either (Mark was caught game fixing by the arbiter). So such accusations are totally inconceivable to me. MCF should investigate these accusations and act accordingly.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Li Tian game

The Zonal 3.3 championship in Tagaytay City, Philippines, has completed three rounds. Two players lead with full points, GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son of Vietnam and GM Wesley So of Philippines.

Our player , Yeoh Li Tian , has 50% after drawing one, losing the second to IM Oliver Dimakiling and winning the third round. The fourth round is also played today. Li Tian goes up against Vietnamese IM Nguyen Van Huy  whom he knows well from previous encounters.

Below is the first round draw with my light annotations.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Li Tian draws GM Gomez

At the Zonal 3.3 in Tagaytay City, Philippines, the first round has concluded.

Malaysia's Li Tian got off to a great start drawing with a 2520 rated GM Gomez. His next round opponent is Filipino IM Oliver Dimakiling. Li Tian always find it difficult to play with this player. Maybe it is Oliver's style that Li Tian find unsuitable to himself.

The shock of the round was GM Richard Bitoon losing to fellow country-man Ben Polao rated at only 2091.

Round two pairing on top board sees veteran grandmaster GM Eugenio Torre against current Philippines top player GM Wesley So. This should be an interesting battle.

Round Two pairings

Yeoh Li Tian in Zonal

Our sole Malaysian representative in the Zone 3.3 championship is young Yeoh Li Tian. He is seeded 26th in a field of forty players. This is a very strong tournament with 11 GMs, 7 IMs and 7 FMs. The first seed is GM Wesley So who flew back from US where he is studying. The tournament is allocated two seats in the next World Cup.

Li Tian plays Filipino GM John Paul Gomez in the first round which will have started as I write this.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Stories beyond the board - Wrong evaluation

Rarely do I eat my lunch out of the office. I do not like crowds so it is normal to see me packing back lunch to eat in my office. As I head out today, I look around for the destitute man (ref here , here and here) and yes he is sitting at his usual place the bus stop. I always pack something for him too.

Today  I pack two fast food lunches; one for my wife (who works in the same company with me). For the destitute, I  bought some bread; I always try to give something that is easy to eat without any utensils needed. So, left hand holding fast food, right hand holding bread package,  hand it over and move on, the usual drill. But today something I never experienced happened.

When I offer him the food on my right hand, he pointed to my left. Now the fast food is  burger, chips and a soft drink. I could give him that but I did not like the idea  of separating my portion  from my wife's , standing as I was at the road side. I offered the bread to him again.

He pointed to my left hand again and made a drinking movement. Then I realize he wanted the soft drink. Carefully I extract the drink from the plastic bag, handed it over plus the bread and head back to my office.

Over lunch, I reflected over what happened. It is a known fact that a person can survive some time without food but without water he will be dead in a couple of days. Water is more important than food. A realisation hit me. All the time I made a judgement (evaluation?) by looking at his circumstances (food needed) but the truth is he needed something else too (water). And I only understood when he told me so. Sometimes or most times? the truth can only come from the source itself, onlookers or outsiders can never really see the reality.

I can appreciate this better when I relate it to my own experience. As usual, the one-who-I-hate-to-name is writing nonsense about me again. According to him, I am the one posting all the anonymous comments on this blog and everywhere else. Evidence? To him, there is no evidence needed, just make the accusations (police report, MACC report or COS report). Let someone else find the evidence, he says. Then after he repeats a few times, he treats the lies as proven facts.

I say, find out the truth from the source, my comment box is your friend. No lies or deception on my blog.