Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Round 8 winning round for Malaysia

 114  Sri Lanka (SRI)Rtg 1.5-2.5 85  Malaysia (MAS)Rtg
  Perera W C C 2016  0-1 IM Mok Tze-Meng  2416 
  Koggala W S V K  2026  1-0   Tan Khai Boon  2160 
  Weerawardane R 2165  0.5-0.5 FM Long Peter  2302 
  Anuruddha G C  2144  0-1   Gregory Lau  2159 
 81  United Arab Emirates (UAE) Rtg1.5-2.5  72  Malaysia (MAS)Rtg
 WIM Saleh Nora Mohd 1906  0-1  Bakri Alia Anin Azwa  1904 
 WFM  Al-Zarouni Kholoud Essa  1890  0-1 WCM  Nur Nabila Azman Hisham  1829 
 WIM Al-Harmoudi Mona 1821  0.5-0.5  Marmono Roslina  1933 
 WFM  Al Ali Amna Nuaman  1752  1-0   Fong Mi Yen  1905 

Both men and women won their matches by the same score 2.5-1.5.

Mok won and Peter drew what could have been a losing game when he lost an exchange. Things were not looking good when Khai Boon found himself mated.

This left the last game by Gregory who had to win to secure the match. This he did after some inaccurate play from his opponent and Malaysia narrowly squeaked past a team which normally we should easily beat.

Our women also did very well to beat United Arab Emirates who on paper were the favourite to win the match. Alia and Nabila won their games and Roslina held the draw to give Malaysia the match.

A very good day indeed :)


n@jd0rf said...

cuba check betul2.. keputusan Alia Anin kalah tu.. silap teknikal ke, atau ada kontroversi?

Jimmy Liew said...

There are a few times I noticed the wrong results are posted. I too thought Alia lost but Mas pointed out that it was wrong.

The most famous case is the first round where the official site printed that Le Quang Liem lost to a Botswana player. A lot of sites picked up and published this sensational story. The truth is that Vietnam beat Botswana 4-0 so definitely Liew did not lose.

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