Thursday, September 30, 2010

Round 9 live commentary

My prediction for this round, 2.5 - 1.5 in Malaysia favour

Follow the moves here

Just got home and things looks expected.

Board 1 GM De La Riva Aguado Oscar - IM Mas Hafizulhelmi

Mas has lost a pawn and in a bad way now. He should be losing.

Mas exchanges into a rook ending where he will be two pawns down. Still it is the best chance for draw.

Board 2 IM Mok Tze-Meng - FM Simonet Marc
Black plays the French and Mok choose the Tarrasch. 8. c4 is a bit unusual. Normally white will play against the isolated black q-pawn but now the pawn will be exchanged. 8.dxc5 is the normal move.

Slightly better for Mok, hopefully he can do something because Khai Boon is lost.

7:58 PM: Mok ended with opposite colored bishops and unlikely to win now

Board 3 FM Garcia Raul - Tan Khai Boon

Khai Boon plays Benoni Defence. 10...Nh5 instead of castling lost him a pawn. It looks very bad for him.

Actually Khai Boon is very lost and he can resign except being a team tournament, he cannot just give up as it is bad for morale of the team-mates.

Board 4 FM Long Peter - Santamaria Vicens
Peter looks like having a good position. Black is in trouble for example if 13...Bg6 14. e5 Nxe5 15. Nxe5 Bxe5 16. Bxb7 wins.


Khai Boon is lost, Peter is winning. Mok has an optical advantage - looks good for him, winning is another matter. Mas in a bad way. Looks like we are losing 1.5-2.5

8:02 PM: Khai Boon resigns, Peter wins.

8:14 PM: Mok draws 1.5-1.5 for both teams now. Mas might hold his position for a draw.

8:42 PM: Looks like Mas lost on time. Malaysia loses 1.5-2.5

Board 1 Alia - GM Peng

Good news here. Alia is holding her own against the GM. Maybe even slightly better game for her.

If she can draw this game, her WIM norm chances are very good.

Alia's position is better than I first thought. The grandmaster should be sweating now ....

26. Ba1 and 27. Rh4 with strong attack

Black plays 26...Qf8. If 26...b5 to trap the bishop , she could run into 27. Qh6 with Rh4 to follow. White has a strong attack with 27.Rh4 now

Both sides very short of time now and still a long way to go to move 40. Someone is bound to make a losing mistake.

White should play 30 Qd3 now to avoid the bishop on a6 being trapped by ...b5

It looks like a draw in this game will give Alia the norm already.

White made mistake with 30.Be2 allow black to take control of the c-file with 30...Rbc8. Now black has the advantage

Both reaches the 40 move. Alia down a pawn now and black pieces become active. Black should win now.

Black missed some easy wins. Now Alia might have a chance. 59...Kg6 60.Qd3+ could be a perpetual.

Too bad she blundered and lost now.

Roslina playing good in time trouble...


abdooss said...

Mas' game is known to be draw for most Najdorf players, though Black has more pawn islands than White. Black is more active, though his King will be exposed. White's King is more protected. Usually at least 1 Rook is exchanged. If both Rooks are exchanged, making it a drawn game.

abdooss said...

Khai Boon is too tired! He kept making poor moves. Not to blame him completely as Stamina is also a factor here.

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