Monday, December 30, 2013

Lets rewrite history

Normally I do not comment on Mr "Once we taught China" 's blog posts as they are crap. But the latest attempts of his to rewrite history did not (to use his words) "sit well" with me.

The poison blogger is just an inveterate liar. Yit San is a Selangor import? It is like saying Mark Siew is a China import because he is Chinese. Does it make sense? Obviously not.

Aron Teh is also a Perakian so why leave him out just because he lives in China with his parents? Can he play for China? No. He still plays under the Malaysian flag.

By the way, Mr Raymond "Once we taught China" Siew tried to promote his post in Facebook and got his butt properly kicked in Facebook over his posting so now he knows ( if he did not already), what everyone thinks of him.

And please get people's names right. It is Aaron Yee and Deon Moh.


Anonymous said...

He calls Mark a national player. Mark played once in MAS v Singapore. Probably there are a hundred juniors can also claim they are national players as well.

Jimmy Liew said...

His definition of "national player" is indeed very loose.

edfong said...

Jimmy, I hope you don't mind me using your blog to say a few things. I just got back from work and found out about the exchange on facebook between my two boys and some despicable liar. I have instructed my boys to delete their facebook posts and just treat whatever that other guy writes like some dog barking from far away. No need to react to lies and made-up stories. We have more important things to do.

He calls my boys children and so we have a 55-year old man fighting with children. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. This despicable guy has slandered me in his blog with made-up stories and outright lies, but I kept what I considered a dignified silence. I'll bite just once here because my children reacted. But all this time, I have taken the stance that this guy is so clearly a liar and deranged character, that only a fool or some naive kid would actually believe what he writes, so I did not worry too much about any stain he try to stick on my character. I don't care too much for any fool who might believe his writings about me. I also thought there is no point taking him to court for slander as he can just plead insanity and I cannot fight that defence, if such a defence is available. So I left it at that and never took his bait and react.

I find his recent attacks on Li Tian very distasteful to say the least. But my children and me knows very well that those attacks are motivated by jealousy. Because his own child was going nowhere chess-wise, he wanted to gain attention by talking negatively about Li Tian's success. Li Tian and Yit San have been and are very good friends for many years now, and we suspect that this despicable fella was trying to break up the friendship by writing his nonsense. We do not take kindly to that.

I am hoping to see Li Tian and Yit San both successful in improving at chess and together with other young stars lead Malaysian chess into a much brighter future.

My kids are on good terms will all the young chess players of their generation. I have told them years ago to be friends with that despicable guys's son just the same, although his father has been purposely telling lies to stain my character. However, the father seems to be abusing or taking advantage of this friendship. That father knows very well how much I have helped his son who was just a so-so player when we returned to Perak in 2007 and how he has improved under my guidance in the initial years, which I have never really wanted to talk about. Soon after that he started his lies about me. We know very well that it was jealousy at work as his son could not catch up with Yit San which was his openly declared objective that so many years ago.

Thanks Jimmy for lending me this space for my rant. And if you think it appropriate to do so, go ahead and delete my comment. I'll understand. I have logged in to comment so there is no doubt that this comment is coming from me.

Jimmy Liew said...

I am aware of the evil intentions of that "guy", trying to pit Yit San/Aron against the "others". I'm quite sure you and your children knows what is happening and Aron's family too. It is good that the public knows your POV from you directly.

On a separate note, I have some things to discuss with you privately. Can you send me an email (my email address on the Contact me tab)

Ilham said...

Now i realized that i am a National Player too...every year i represent Malaysia, carrying Jalur Gemilang at prestigious international chess event such as Malaysia Open, Selangor Open etc...competing against professional player that represent USA, USSR, China etc.

Ilham said...

...never mind actually everybody actually can do it (to be National Player). To outsider that i can trick, i am a Nat. Player though Nut Player is more accurate :)

Frankly i feel that National Player for chess should be reserved only for those that represent Malaysia in Chess Olympiad, SEA Games, Zonal, Interzonal

...but then again this will make Hamid Majid as National Player too, having represented Malaysia in 1998 Chess Olympiad.


Jimmy Liew said...

I agree with your list. But I will also like to include the World Junior and Asian Junior

Anonymous said...

Seriously,i think attacking young lads who is a disgrace.
Just leave them be and if your reason is because of envy,I suggest you just try to train your son to become better.
If you stop this utter nuisance,it will do justice for Chess community in Malaysia.
in fact,I suggest you seek God's guidance for your narcissistic behavior.
Don't bring this down on your son and honestly,your son is doing fine.
Do not destroy your son's reputation and relationship with others.

Mohd Noor said...

My dear Jimmy! Caught you reading his blog!!! Hahaha

Jimmy Liew said...

And how did you figure that? :)

Anonymous said...

Raymond,I read your blog and what you say is wild accusations without single evidence.
No proof,no game. Therefore,you are consider to be all talk because the evidence you propose and suggest can be counterfeited.
About one of your latest blog,how do you even know if Mr.Eddy does it on purpose ?
Please suggest more events with evidence as I believed most chess players will assumed you are an arrogant and envious parent.
Do not think that we're not aware of your malicious propaganda.Treating us a naive being was the first mistake.
i wish not to reveal my identity since you will attack with lots of verbal abuse or ridiculous claims.

edfong said...

Anonymous 4.19 pm, don't waste your breath.
While I am it, I'll explain since u brought it up. If really Yit San wants to give Mi Yen a win, he could just resign. No score sheets required. And why would YS want to lose to MY when it exposes YS's first place to the luck of Solkoff tie-break. And it was only R7, there were 2 more rounds to go when anything can happen. As it was, YS got first place only with 0.5 additional Solkoff point over Mark, which was just plain luck (or God's hand at work).

I call at 10.31 am which was supposed to be breaktime between R6 and R7 from 40 km away because I wanted to know the result of Yit San-Mark R6 game. But the organisers started Round 7 early (schedule was 10.40 am) because all R6 games finished early. And of all times, Yit San forgot to switch off his phone.

As to qualifying for Perak team (essentially to National Closed), YS is an automatic qualifier as National Junior Champ while MY qualifies automatically as NWM. No need to go thru all the convolutions.

Only a twisted mind can even think off any deceit on our part.

Mark had his best chance of winning Perak Closed this year only because YS phone went off and the luck element of the Solkoff tie-break. If the normal tie-breaks for first place like PE or blitz play-off had been used, YS would have won hands-down.

It just goes to show how some people can only think negative all the time.

edfong said...

btw, I did not even know that Yit San was playing Mi Yen when I called. It just so happened.

Jimmy Liew said...

Raymond Siew is just creating stories from his twisted mind. Also a vengeful mind.

Even God is not on his side :) Enough said.

Peter Long said...


I don't read him but let me give my two cents worth about Li Tian and Yit San and our top juniors in general.

1. For some time our best prospect, Li Tian is growing up, and we should all hope his breakthrough to 2300+ is a sign of better things to come. His rating is now not too different from his peers in the region. But question marks still remains over his performances in major national title events.

2. Yit San has proven he is able to beat almost anyone on his day although it seems he tends to lose a lot of games but more importantly he is winning decisive games when it matters (at least locally) and hence starting to win titles.

3. All the top juniors, like the way the better players has always tended to group together, are really good friends and work well as well as support each other, and this is a fact! Because they are all great kids, some of the less good players gravitate towards them and of course benefit a lot.

Anonymous said...

Raimondo talk and talk of competitor analysis, but actually he cannot do even simple tournament analysis. Real joker that guy. I pity his students.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a way to start the new year! Literally "Swinging"

Anonymous said...

Wow - who is Raymond Siew? Neurosis has meaning - he's a new breed of chess parent we've seen over the decades. I was directed to his blog for the first time. You'd think with a blog title like "First GM", you'd find inspiration. I was wrong. Our lives are too valuable to be spent blogging or reading about real or imagined grievances. Stop reading his BS, guys! He is way too self-absorbed to realize he is hurting his very own son, who may well be "a real chess player".

Anonymous said...

u have no right to stop people from reading his blog, people can think on their own

Anonymous said...

:) Maybe I should rephrase, "Stop reading his BS, Jimmy/Eddy". I really hope they do because it seems Raymond Siew is really doing Jimmy's head in especially. I'm sorry you (Anonymous Jan 3, 9:46pm) thought my earlier comment revolved around yourself (and the rest of the world).

Anonymous said...

Raymond Siew is part of the father-son duo who conspired to submit a win against a national junior 2 years' ago when the real result was a loss. The arbiter had to step in to expose the lie. Unfortunately, the son was not penalized and allowed to retain 2nd place. And Raymond Siew admitted it and was so proud of his foul deed.

Anonymous said...

He admitted it was wrong in the end. In that case shouldn't he voluntarily withdraw mark from the event instead of playing on? Therefore does mark truly deserve to be second in that event after a cheating attempt? Should he be stripped of his second placing at national junior? After all even AC Milan and Juventus were stripped of their league titles by the Italian Football Association when they were discovered to be cheating and we're relegated to the second division. That leads to the question does mark really deserve his place at Mal/Sin match? So if he doesn't deserve his place, the final question is did he have backdoor access to the Mal/Sin match??? Did he talk to Greg to get the backdoor??? Is Raymond Siew actually a backdoor mastermind???

Silent Ninja

Anonymous said...

I don't think he admitted he was wrong. He said Mark was wrong, AFTER he was caught red-handed. Raymond denied all responsibility and even praised Mark for his admission of cheating. What a joker? Both cheaters of the first degree.

Anonymous said...

You Malaysians chessplayers, Instead of helping each other you fight, discriminate, argue, etc. each other. So what will happen to your Chess? Will it improve? Over the last years did you have a Grandmaster? Nope. Its because of war in Malaysian Chess. Malaysian Chess is full of intrigues. So if I were you, you better help each other and lift your rank in the FIDE World Rankings.

Jimmy Liew said...

To Silent NInja,

The Siew did not admit anything, see here

Only after his version of the events were questioned on this blog; he knew he could not twist the truth anymore, too many people knew. After that he called Mark brave for admitting the cheating. But he definitely LIED in the above link. This is one of the reasons I say he is a confirmed liar.

Anonymous said...

Raymond Siew says some truth about Malaysian chess but he also attacks everyone who doesn't agree with him. Everyone remembers him and his son as cheaters. I wonder how they can keep looking at others in the eye.

Perak boy said...

The father is a confirmed liar, the son is confirmed cheat. The father abused his short stint as PICA Selection Chairman to tear up a proper selection basis and instead put his son as Perak rep via the backdoor. He was sacked from PICA Committee and expelled from PICA due to a finance related matter. He is the prime example of all the things that he appears to be writing against. Big hypocrite.

He lied and make up stories to destroy the good image of PICA and Perak chess. He pissed off everybody until he dare not allow his son to play in PICA/MSSPk events for almost 4 years. When son in Form 5, he dare not let his son play even MSSD because he pissed off the MSSPk people. The son had to suffer due to the father’s sins. Amen. MSSPk people very happy because they don’t have to deal with problem of selecting the son. MSSPk went on to win MSSM U18 boys team GOLD in Kangar. All Perak people say if the son had played, probably cannot win gold.

Everyone knows the son improved soon after Eddy and family returned to Perak. Within two years, Eddy helped the son improved from a nobody until he can challenge at National Junior. The father is ungrateful to the extreme and we all know it is because of jealousy. In addition, as Selection Committee Chairman, he told Eddy that he’ll make sure that Eddy’s children cannot play chess in Perak or represent Perak again. So this is the gratitude he shows after how Eddy helped his son. A lot of people in Perak know these.

Good thing, senior PICA people stepped in to help Eddy’s children.

Last year, he had to beg the kind PICA/PCNP officials to let his son play National Closed because no other state will take his son. In return, he still attacked PICA/PCNP officials. So ungrateful. The kind PICA people let his son play Perak Closed last month, but still he make trouble to try to smear Perak chess image. He is lucky the guards were not called in to remove this piece of sh*t from the playing hall.

He is really so thick-skinned that he still accept the hospitality of the kind PICA people after all the lies he wrote to (try) destroy the good Perak/PICA chess image. It is best both father and son go back to wherever they came from and leave Perak chess to be peaceful again. No one in Perak chess wants them here. His son is definitely not a Perak boy, only come to Perak when already 12 years old.

Perak taught the outsider son to play chess and helped him gained success and father in return wants to destroy Perak chess. Really must shake head. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand why you said Perak officials still willingly "help" Mark all these time while being "attacked". I am sure there is more than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...


stonemaster said...

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stonemaster said...

xjadi piket..pihak berkuasa nasihatkan hantar jee repot supaya mereka boleh siasat..

Anonymous said...

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