Friday, April 6, 2012

Training of a Junior - Another perspective


Ilham said...

Ha ha ! :)
The shocking look is just very funny!

Anonymous said...

If I were RS, I will first learn how to play chess properly. Only then can I claim to be able to follow the games over the board and offer advice as a coach.

Can Mark really believe his dad knows what he is talking about?

Anonymous said...

The second caption could well have been spoken by Mark.

Anonymous said...

He tried very hard to taint the reputation of Zhou Ren and Sumant.
All they want is to stay away from him.
And now Izz.
To him only Mark is perfect. Unselfish with a heart of a ( sic ) champion.

Mrs Subramaniam Demudu (Sumant's mom) said...

Raymond, I'm posting this in our IM Jimmy's blog as I know you will only publish a selective few of the comments that are conducive for you if I comment on your blog.I had written to you last year (which of course you didn't publish)to stop talking about Sumant but since you don't have any topic to blog and since we are keeping quiet you are repeatedly attacking him.

Let me tell you - if you could coach Sumant, my husband, Subramaniam could do it better because he's a FIDE rated chess player and a coach (of late)and also because he has a passion for chess and spends most of his free time playing chess, analyzing and playing in the tournaments whenever he could.Well, he's just keeping quiet and ignoring as he's a nice man and a fellow parent who values friendship.Of late, even he's annoyed of the way you are bringing up this topic again and again.
We used to send Sumant to your place as per your request since you wanted your son Mark to improve his chess ( at that time he would play only for the state and had not attended any tournament in KL). Sumant helped you in whatever way it was possible for him - database, software and whatever resources he had and collected over years - I remember he even gave his hard disk to you to copy on to your computer. You offered to pay for it but we refused to take as he was only helping a person who wanted to come up in chess. He and my husband would inform you about the tournaments and coaxed you to bring him for the tournaments as we believed that it was a good way to improve your chess. We even let Sumant to stay with you and not with us on few occasions as you wanted it that way as it would help Mark.

You had lot of complaints about PICA and MSSM Perak. Slowly you entered PICA selection committee and refused to select Sumant for the State to play National Closed as he was 1st runner up in Perak Closed that year. You closed up the matter by giving various excuses when I brought it up in the National Closed that year in front of MCF and Mr Hamid.

Mrs Subramaniam Demudu (Sumant's mom) said...


For the SEA games selection, he was the 1st runner up in the National Closed in 2011. If they didn't have the play off he would have been automatically selected along with our NM Lim Zou Ren. MCF decided to have a selection and we thought it's a good opportunity for the juniors to get to play against all the IMs' in a single tournament as it would give them good exposure. We only know that he came to your place (He was in KL at that time) as a friend to play with Mark as you always before the SEA games selection as you had never told us that something like FGM existed. You sweet talked him and got him to sign for your FGM without the consent of the parents - remember he was not yet 18 at that time just for advertisement.So, I consider it as null and void. That one and a half day with you - you are claiming again and again that you trained him to get selected for SEA games. Does it also mean that Zou Ren who also attended the training (as you claim to be ) didn't get selected because of your FGM training? What in the training made him lose this opportunity? Does it mean that your training method only worked with Sumant and not Zou Ren?

Instead of attacking people in the chess field, why don't you really learn chess and play tournaments and coach the beginners rather than bragging that you coached a National player to get selected in a day's time? If you had gone to Palembang you would have even claimed that you coached him to win and draw with GMs' with an Elo of above 2500.

I'm requesting you to put a FULL STOP to this and let Sumant study peacefully.I'm just posting this to the public who doesn't know Sumant as I'm sure all those who know him and who are in the chess field with him for so many years (I should say you are a new comer)do not belive in this FGM's claim. Nobody attacked Sumant in the chess field except you.

Thanks Jimmy as I could find a place to post this in your blog and thanks to all other chess friends for expressing your opinions on this topic.

Yeoh said...

Just to indicate my support to Sumant & his kind parents.


Anonymous said...

Now I can invite a certain boy named Carlsen to stay at my home for a day and claim that I coached him to be a World Champion. :)

edfong said...

As with Chin Seng, I totally support Dr Bhama going public with their annoyance at fgm's actions. There is only so much a mother and father can take when seeing their child being exploited in public. Even someone as nice as Subra has a limit.

Dr Bhama mentioned something about Sumant's non-selection (by fgm) although qualified to National Closed. I'll publish in my blog, an email I sent to PICA at around that time to show a fuller picture. I'll do that on Sunday when I have a little more time to work on it.

Mrs Subra said...

Raymond, after my husband read your response for my comment, he just said "bull shit.Ignore him. Don't waste your time talking to him". I'll not be replying to any of your comments anymore. Stop using Sumant's name in your blog.

Anonymous said...

Raymond Siew always talks about transparency, but why is it comments are not allowed on his blog? It is only one-way-traffic.

Most of the "lost generation" juniors he mentioned went on to further their studies. I think that unless Mark intends to be FGM, he too will disappear from the chess scene very soon. So too will RS.

Peter Long said...

Damn, I had dinner with Lev Aronian at Hakka Restaurant which he paid for so I can't claim the credit for him winning Corus after! And shit, I have to go to Brunei so can't buy Nigel Short a drink and so if he wins the Bangkok Open I will get no credit either.
So. don't worry Eddy and Chin Seng, just because I will be the Chief Arbiter there and be happy to look at their games after your kids won't do any better or worst and I will not get any credit!

Anonymous said...

I refer to his reply to Eddy.

He was always talks about competitive selection. But then use some dubious criteria when he sits in the sekection committee for Perak selection.

The number of times plyed in FIDE events over past 6 month is surely to ensure his son qualify. And what about to select someone reward him fr past service.

As usual, this man is full of bull****.

Mrs Subra said...

Thank you Mr Fong and Mr Yeoh.

TCB said...

The chess scene will be much peaceful without the joining of Mr Bullshitting in Raymond Siew. He is one who writes with hidden agenda all the times. Even though his lies have been exposed times and again, he shows no remorse and tries to shift the goal posts so many times.

SomeDaysLikeThese said...

"The person whose name I do not want to waste typing on my keyboard" is a nightmare to chess in Malaysia. In my 25 years experience in chess in Malaysia, there is no bigger "nincompoop clown" that I am proud to "know".

Someone told me that thanks to "The person whose name I do not want to waste typing on my keyboard", he is able to "ease" himself in the morning much easier - all that my friend has to do is read his blog early in the morning and the urge to go to the toilet comes naturally.... This is definitely one good contribution that he has given to us, a healthier way of starting the day

jyoti soni said...

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