Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kasparov on Karpov

According to this video, Kasparov thinks Karpov is very good in "boring positions".

My view is "boring positions" for Kasparov is not necessary the same to as normal chess players. Karpov has a very interesting style and I did learn a lot about positional play from him.


John Wong said...

I think the correct term should be "quiet" positions rather than "boring" positions. Boring perhaps for Kasparov because they are often devoid of combinational finesses, but are often rich in strategic ideas if one takes the trouble to find them and execute them to perfection.

The other person who excels in quiet positions is undoubtedly Ulf Anderssen. It is a joy to watch these 2 players pit against each other in outwitting each other's plans. A good example would be their game in USSR vs Rest of World 1984 where Karpov outgeneralled Anderssen in the Exchange Queen's Gambit (I think).

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