Thursday, April 12, 2012

Li Tian beats Mas, misses norm

In the final round of the Brunei Campomanes Open, young Yeoh Li Tian was paired against the current Malaysian number one, IM Mas. Some bloggers saw it as a crucial passing of the torch moment here and here.

And the boy did not disappoint, recording his first (?) win against Mas. That would be really a game I just have to  analyze when I get it.

Li Tian's score of 6/9 just half a point of the eventual winners has got to be the best result of any junior in an open tournament. His competition includes four GM and two IM and scoring 50% against both groups.

He was only half a point away from an IM norm. he may even have achieved it with 6/9 if he had not met a low rated 1675 player in the third round. Even a player with rating of 2000 would have been enough.

Both Fong brothers also did well with Yit Ho scoring 5.5 points and Yit San scoring 5.0 points. IM Mas finished with 4.5 points after losing the last game.

Final Standings

Li Tian's individual score


Junior Tay said...

Congratulations to Malaysian Chess for the great results of the 3 boys! It seems that it's not the lack of talent or training but opportunities for the juniors to get top flight opposition to play against.

Anonymous said...

The full game is shown in Peter's blog

Anonymous said...

What's happening to Mas? Is he playing full-time now? If yes, then it's a real surprise because his rating is plummeting fast, don't talk about a GM norm, at this rate he is going, he won't even make an IM norm.

Anonymous said...

Mas performance has been performing weaker after going full-time.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a Norm result? Since rating floor brought up to 2050 for IM result? his opponents average rating for norm consideration (in my opinion) is 2343 and his performance rating is 2470. This should be an IM norm performance...

Jimmy Liew said...

according to my interpretation of FIDE titles, only one opponent can be brought up to rating floor. If both are brought up then yes it is a IM performance.

I could be wrong though.

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