Saturday, April 14, 2012

Of lies and warped logic

Out of topic: I'm really enjoying ripping off Najib's cool post titles , he always starts with an "Of" - which by the way I am sure he ripped off somewhere else  :) I am sure I read a classic book with chapter titles that starts that way.

Now back to the gist of this post. Raymond always uses this logic. They are attacking me, my tournaments, my "methods". There must be something they are afraid of. I must be correct and on the right track.Therefore listen to me. If I am talking nonsense, why "attack" me?

(Note: To answer that last question, just remove the bolded words.)

Such warped logic from a warped mindset.

Let me simplify the warped logic in the correct perspective. If someone told a lie that you knew to be a lie. You call him on it. You prove it is a lie. Then the liar turns around and tell everyone its true otherwise why you insist it is a lie?

Does it mean actually it never was a lie , that it was true all the while? Beware of warped logic.


SomeDaysLikeThese said...

Hi Jimmy. Glad that you like the Opening Title if my blog. I thought of the "Of..." in my title after my 4th or 5th posting but I did not warp it from someone... :) But of course, it is a "common" idea and may have been thought by some one else earlier than me. Nonetheless, in the spirit of taking credit for things that I have done, can I take the "credit" for this??? Please please please....

Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog as well, and other local bloggers such as ilham's, ng6, gilocatur, and of lately eddy's to name a few. Each has its own "identity", "style" and "coverage area" so I figured the "Of..." would be my identity.

The thought of using it was based on the title episodes for "Friends" which always started with the phrase "The One That...."

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, hahaha... i like your postings, there's always a sense of humour in it but only intelligent people I suppose can really understand the real meaning behind the words I did not know that you have "cronies". Can that person..."the one that" look up the meaning of this word "crony" coz he's out of context again & making sweeping statements.

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