Monday, April 9, 2012

The truth of the Perak affair

I have been waiting two years for someone to disclose what actually happened in Perak. A person will not be sacked for bringing in sponsors. It just does not make sense. There must be other reasons and we are only hearing about it now.

Thanks to Eddy Here.

For the record, I will say here that I have known Eddy Fong for many years. I trust Eddy Fong's integrity and I believe every word he writes.

I know Raymond  is biased and unethical but even then I was shocked with the way he conducted himself in Perak. And nowadays he preaches against those very things that he himself practiced back then. Imagine someone (just happens to be his own son) who is  fifth using long established selection criteria, jumped to second place. And the legitimate second placing is totally shut out.

Raymond says he does not shout. I suppose he does not count the incident in last year's Singapore-Malaysia match. I suppose he whispered those expletives Eddy was writing about. Kudos to Eddy for having nothing to do with the sham selection.
No transparency? Zero fair selection? Backdoor deals? Threats against a parent? High-handedness? Raymond Siew is guilty of the very things he writes about.

If that is not hypocrisy my name is not Jimmy Liew.

A con-man does not go around telling people he is a con-man. A con-man does not have the words "I am a con-man" written on his head. A con-man will be very persuasive. He will sound very reasonable. He will tell you the things you want to hear. He will plant ideas in your head and make it seem like you thought of it yourself. But make no mistake, his intention is to con you.

Nuff said.


Peter Long said...

Them that's got shall get
Them that's not shall lose
So the Bible said and it still is news
Mama may have, Papa may have
But God bless the child who's got his own
Who's got his own

abdooss said...

This site is under malware attack. I proceed anyway, to know your side of story.

Jimmy Liew said...

I dont think it is my site. More likely Gilachess site which I have linked in my blog. This probably set off the malware warning.

I have removed GilaChess. Do let me know if the message still shows up.


stonemasterfadli said...

firestonemaster - no komen, hehehe

abdooss said...


Today it's okay.. must be bcoz you have removed Gilachess site.

Jimmy Liew said...

thaks for confirming

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