Friday, April 27, 2012

Historical Melaka International - Round 6

Two thirds of the rounds have been played and this is a good place to evaluate the performances of the Malaysian players in the Melaka International Open.

With so many titled players in such a small tournament of only 36 players, there are good possibilities of obtaining some kind of norm. I guess this is why our women SEA representatives, Camilia and Li Ting choose to play in this event rather than the weaker Challengers  which their ratings do allow them to join. This is a very good decision for their progress and improvement.

However, most of the Malaysian performances have been below par and only one still within sight of a norm is Yeoh Li Tian. He has played three IMs and one GMs scoring 3/6. He needs to win his last three games plus meet two 2450 rated players in the last two rounds. Li Tian wasted his chances in earlier rounds where he settled for draws instead of playing for the win.

Mas performance is rather mediocre. He has met one GM and one IM losing to both. Based on the ratings of his opponents to date, his chances of making a GM performance is zero.

The best Malaysian performance thus far belongs to Ismail Ahmad. After losing to Li Tian in round three he scored 2.5 points in the next three rounds. He has 3.5 points and leads the Malaysians together with IM Mas. In round six, he made an upset drawing with Indian GM Laxman who is rated over four hundred points above him. In round seven he is paired with a low rated Indonesian in round seven, so there is good chances of improving his score further. I would not be surprised if he is the best Malaysian after round seven.

 Malaysian players points after six rounds

Name Points
IM Mas Hafizul 3.5
Ismail Ahmad 3.5
Yeoh Li Tian 3
Nayan Ahmad Fadzil  3
Fong Yit Ho 2.5
Fong Yit San 2
Lim Kian Hwa 2
Camilia Bt Johari 2
Bakri Alia Anin Azwa 2
Ooi Zhi Yang 1.5
Tan Li Ting 1
Abd Rahman Syazrin 0


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