Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Li Tian draws again

Yeoh Li Tian has drawn his eight round game against Vietnamese GM Nguyen Anh Dung. This brings his score against four GMs at 2/4, exactly 50%. Not bad for a thirteen year old. But it means that his norm chances are now zero as he needed two wins in the last two rounds.

Eddy at Chess X-pose thinks the boy is the new Malaysian number one. I think it is really putting too much pressure on the boy.  Prophetically, the last round pits IM Mas against Yeoh Li Tian. What will be the result?

Meanwhile on top board Indonesian Pitra Andika continued his fine form winning the eight round and now leads with a full point. He meets GM Dzhumaev Marat in the final round to decide whether he will take sole first place or shared if he loses. According to my calculations, regardless of the result he has already made his IM norm since he now has 6.5 points.


edfong said...

Jimmy, are you sure on Pitra's calculations. Only one player rises to the 2050 adjusted rating floor. The other unrated player will be on 1200, which is the current FIDE rating floor. If I am correct, Pitra has Ra=2175 which is below the minimum Ra=2230 for an IM norm. And even at that minimum Ra, 7/9 is required.

And I don't think Li Tian reads my postings, so no pressure on him from me. So don't blame me ahh. Anyway I put a ? at the end of my sentence meaning not sure yet. Hopefully it won't turn out to be ??.

Jimmy Liew said...

I'm probably wrong. Nowadays dont keep up with the regulations.

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