Friday, April 13, 2012

Le Quang Liem blog

Vietnamese super GM Le Quang Liem has a blog and he talks about his early years here. I noticed he paid tribute to his early coach Hoang Minh Chuong. When he was younger he was sent to his house in Hungary for coaching.

I am sure most of the chess world has never heard of Hoang Minh Chuong before this. For sure  Hoang Minh Chuong has never claimed credit for Le Quang's success to super grandmaster and becoming one of the world elite player.

There are many other examples of very successful student and teacher relationships. Furman and Karpov, Botvinnik and Kasparov, Botvinnik and Kramnik, Agdestein and Carlsen are just a few examples.  Yet you never read about these coaches and trainers saying they and their methods are responsible for their charges great successes.  It is always the other way round, the student pays tribute to the teacher.

Contrast this with a local "chess coach" who takes credit for his "students" success as his own and constantly promoting himself through them. All I have to say is - self praise is no praise.

'Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

Does Hoang Minh Chuong know how to play chess? Is he a mind coach? Maybe he founded FSGM Acadedmy (First Super Grand Master Academy).

Anonymous said...

He has to repeat it many times becuase the 2 " student " kept denying ever being ' mind ' coached.
The 3rd student is just a so so player , they call them journey man, despite him touting as 'best player ? ' to come out of Ipoh.

And nobody in ther right mind will think he can coach.cant even think straight.

Yeoh said...

"Respect and credit have to be awarded by others, not self-claimed" once i was told by Najib's boss.

Anonymous said...

Yeoh, RS(on his blog) challenged Li Tian/ Jimmy to face across the board. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Now i'm very sure that someone (RS) is having DELUSION OF GRANDEUR, so do we need to waste our time on him unless you just want to be entertained :)

Papan Catur said...

I think GM Lie Quang Liem is the best grandmaster in Asia, his strong performance is above 2700 elorating is potentially challange the worlds no. 1 Magnus Carlsen in world chess championship. We should wait what he can make a progress in the future - Gens Una Sumus

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