Monday, April 9, 2012

Another GM scalp in Brunei

After Fong Yit Ho's first round win over GM Richard Bitoon, another of our junior have scored another GM scalp.

In round four, Yeoh Li Tian beat recently crowned GM , Oliver Barbosa also from the Philippines. Peter Long has the report at his blog. I remember Barbosa also lost to another junior last year at the SEA Games in Palembang. See the ending of that game here.

Li Tian  will meet another grandmaster in  Richard Bitoon in the fifth round to be played tomorrow morning. Can he repeat Yit Ho's feat?

Incidentally, Fong Yit San will meet Barbosa tomorrow. All eyes will be on this two youngsters tomorrow.

I wrote before that our juniors will know that they are ready for a break through when they start drawing or winning against IMs and GMs. It looks like that day might have arrived .

The pairings for round five here.


edfong said...

How I wish we have the games. Hopefully there are bulletins which the players can bring back with them. Maybe Peter can help with showing some games in his blog. Just the moves will do.

Anonymous said...

edfong, nice point =)

Peter Long said...

Hi Eddy, Jimmy, We have two rounds a day and I have to practically do everything here but will give up sleep nights to compile the games. Cheers!

abdooss said...

Way to go, Li Tian! :)

Chayun98 said...

dear peter Long, CA,

Plse help where we can see the games in the Internet,


Zulkifli Salleh (Ex Brunei Olympiad Team Captain)

Jimmy Liew said...

I dont think the live games are available.

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