Thursday, March 21, 2013

Email exchange with YCS

Sharing an amusing joke.

There is a Chinese saying 扮豬食老虎  literally translate as "pretend to be pig, eat tiger".
My layman explanation of this saying - someone who is clever pretending to be dumb to lower the enemy's guard.

So, as the first round of HDBank Open began, I asked Yeoh Chin Seng this question

Is Li Tian still using the "pretend to be pig and eat the tiger" strategy in HD Bank :) 

Chin Seng's witty reply

No,  strategy has changed:

before the game start:
a. give opponent a humble smile
b. write fat figure on his score sheet
c. give a piece of bent nail as souvenir
d. let opponent accidentally see your gangster tattoo slip out from sleeve

e. and never ever let them know you are not even MAS top 6 Jr.

If you have been reading somebody's poison blog, you will get the joke :)  

Kudos to YCS, despite the constant attacks against him and his son by the mad one, still managed to retain his sense of humor. 


Anonymous said...

Eddy, are you the new MCF Secretary?

edfong said...

I am still curious as to who is 'eddy' @ 1.01 pm. He has been pretty active on the blogs lately. Appears to go by the name of 'eddy lau', based on his entry as Jimmy's follower. His blog "Minyak Beku' was set up with blogger about a year ago.

Does anyone know an Eddy Lau in our chess community, whether as player or parent?.

I am concerned as to any confusion between this Eddy Lau and Eddy Fong. Again, I wish to reiterate that I post only with the signed-in blogger account as 'edfong' and no other.

Regards, Eddy Fong

Anonymous said...

i can guess who this eddy is
minyak beku is a place in batu pahat

Anonymous said...

Eddy Kwan

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