Friday, March 15, 2013

Candidates begins!

The 2013 Candidates in London starts today, Friday 15th March. See my previous post on this. Read Chessbase report on the opening ceremony.

As GM Erwin l'Ami  sums  it up nicely - "there are no weak players in London". This will be one of the strongest , if not the strongest, tournament of 2013.

London is eight hours behind Malaysia and normally, such tournaments starts their games at 3:00 PM , so in Malaysia we have to stay  up to a late hour if we want to catch the games.

First round pairings -

Let the games begin!


abdooss said...

Go Carlsen! Go Svidler! :)

Anonymous said...

maybe strongest by average elo, but kasparov could play a simul with all eight of them and not lose is gut feeling. wish he was here to validate.

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