Monday, March 18, 2013

Malaysian Masters announced

The last Malaysian Masters was held in 2009 if memory serves. That was a match format much like the World Cup. It was eventually won by IM Mas who defeated IM Mok in the final. This year the Masters is revived by MCF with the support of KLCA. Its President, Dato' Sri Dr. Edmund Santhara has generously sponsored a prize fund. While the participants in the 2009 version were arbitrarily chosen, this latest Masters have clearly defined criteria for the participants. The bonus is that this may become a titled tournament where it is possible to achieve IM norms. Read more at Peter's blog.


Peter Long said...

I would like a young player, to get the men's wild card, either Roshan as the National Champion for 2012 who missed out on Olympiad or Yeoh Li Tian who is I think currently ranked seventh in the active National FIDE rating list but that is just my opinion.

Peter Long said...

The same sentiment applies to Camila Johari who is also seventh ranked amongst the women in the active National FIDE rating list but is almost certain to be included as I think it is unlikely top ranked Nur Shazwani will play

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Yes, you are correct Jimmy. The 1st Malaysia Master was held in 2009 and the winner of this knock out tournament was IM Mashafizul.

You can read it about the championship at

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