Tuesday, March 19, 2013

HDBank Round 1

The live games feed from the tournament site showed that Yeoh Li Tian had beaten Vietnam grandmaster Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son at around 3:00 PM today. I was not too sure because there can be errors using such online game feeds. So I thought it best to wait till the official results are posted to the chessgames site before making any celebratory announcements.

Li Tian played a sharp Scotch Game as white against the Vietnamese grandmaster. A very tactical game ensured with both players trading tactical blows. Li Tian's king castled on the queen-side was completely exposed while the GM king (also on queen-side) seemed well defended with his pawns on a7, c7 and c6.

The GM may have missed Li Tian's 30th move (30. Rd6!) which enleashed an irresistable attack on the black king. I cannot really do justice to this game without consulting an engine so game will be published later tonight with Houdini help :)  It really is that sharp.

This is the final position after Qa6+. The black king will be mated.

Li Tian plays Chinese IM Wang Chen next round, which is due to start ..well around now (there is two rounds today).


hairulov chessmaniacs said...

At first i also have some doubt but i bet the result should be 99% correct because Li Tian main reply against 1.e4 is the Scotch Opening which is what the white player play in this game.

One more thing is the final position is totally winning for white and black can only win if white lost on time.

Jimmy Liew said...

Its not a matter of black or white win in this game. Originally the broadcast showed a different game (Tu Hoang Thai - Ference Berkes which ended in draw) as Li Tian's game, which is why i was not sure which is really Li Tian's.

Anonymous said...

Official !! Li Tian beat the GM.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Li Tian if he had won. Whatever it is, this is a very interesting tournament. Le Quang Liem is there. And so is GM Wei Yi, the latest sensation from China. I think he is of the same age as Li Tian.

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Yup Jimmy..i also experienced that...at first the LIVE game between Li Tian and Ngyuen Ngoc shows 1.e4 c6 2.b3 move order `which is quite surprising because i never see Li Tian play 'patzer' kind of opening but after my 2nd visit to the live game it show a more fqmiliar opening for Li Tian which is The Scotch .

I know he play that opening because i was one of his victim :)

Anyway chess-result has publish the result for round 1 and its official that Li Tian beat Nguyen Ngoc except that .... some hacker hack chess-result.com :)

edfong said...

Congratulations to Li Tian on a nice win. 30 Rd6 was notable. This win really showcases Li Tian's impressive calculation skills.

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