Sunday, March 17, 2013

London Candidates: First blood

Radjabov and Aronian are the first players to win a game in the on-going London Candidates tournament. They beat Ivancuk and Gelfand respectively. The other two games were drawn as were the four first round games.

Aronian played a brilliant game when Gelfand overlooked a tactical shot 26. Bh6+ and Aronian won the endgame nicely. Aronian made Gelfand's bishop pair look very clumsy indeed. Gelfand looked absolutely devastated during the post game interview.

Radjabov played a very sharp tactical game against Ivanchuk. If the Candidates continue with games like this, we are really in for a treat :)


Anonymous said...

I am looking for chinese chess and layman instructions. Do you have any post. After all, all chess is chess, be it chinese or indian.

Glenn Wilson said...

Your html that embeds ChessFlash includes "iframe &-n-b-s-p-; " but that should be "iframe " (without the quotes). That is preventing it from being displayed on the iPad.

Hmmm.. in preview it decoded my string so it is the above without the dashes.


Jimmy Liew said...

Thanks for the heads up. I use a different PGN viewer so hopefully that fixes it.

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