Saturday, March 23, 2013

HDBanks Round 6

The lead has changed hands with GM Le Quang Liem beating GM Mark Paragua and GM Zhou Jianchao beating IM Wei Yi to share the joint lead with 5.5 points. GM Oliver Barbosa is in sole third with 5 points. GM Le Quang Liem plays GM Mark Paragua in the seventh round while GM Zhou Jianchao plays GM Zhou Weiqi.

Yeoh Li Tian is on 3.5 points after drawing the 1995 rated Nguyen Anh Khoi in the fifth round and beating Chinese Liu Hongyan rated 2020. He plays Chinese untitled Liu Yijie but rated at 2400 in the seventh round due to start this morning at 10:00 AM. He needs to win to keep IM norm chances. Below is Li Tian's fifth round game with light comments.


Anonymous said...

I think at his age, Li Tian should not play 2.c3 lines against the Sicilian. He should be going for the main lines so that he can fully develop his understanding of the Sicilian. He might lose a lot more games this way, but this will definitely help him in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Why not pay Kasparov or Karpov to give opinion of Li Tian? If can't play top chess at least can pay. Then everybody will know for sure if wasting time or not.

Anonymous said...

So obsessed with Li Tian getting im norm, so what if he becomes im and gm somebody please explain??

Anonymous said...

he still learning the main lines of the sicilian, when he completes the main lines study, he will use it ... just wait and see

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