Saturday, March 9, 2013

CAS First Quarter Allegro

This Chess Association of Selangor event will be held on Sunday, 24th March 2013. The venue is the DAT Chess Connections in Wilayah Complex. This event will have a combined prize fund of Ringgit 2,980/=, quite a large sum for a one day tournament.

There will be two sections, one for those with National Rating over 1400 and the other below 1400. The prizes are equal for both sections e.g first prize is RM300 for both sections.

It is unfortunate that the date for this tournament is so close to the MSSM in Perak which  starts the next day on 25th March, though die-hard chess players can still play in this and rush off to Perak immediately :)

By joining the tournament, you will be supporting the CAS and at the same time see first hand the new look of DAT Chess Connections. For more details and entry forms go to CAS website


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