Thursday, March 7, 2013

2013 FIDE Candidates

The 2013 FIDE Candidates tournament will begin in a week's time. The tournament will be a double round robin to be held in London from 14th March till 2nd April. This tournament is to determine a challenger to the current World Champion Viswanathan Anand.

The contenders are -

Boris Gelfand - loser of 2012 World Championship Match
Magnus Carlsen, Vladimir Kramnik  and Levon Aronian - highest average ratings on July 2011 & January 2012 lists:
Peter Svidler , Alexander Grischuk and Vassily Ivanchuk  - top three from the 2011 World cup
Teimour Radjabov - nominated by Azerbaijan

Now the last candidate mentioned is a bit of a puzzle. The event is going to be held in London but Azerbaijan has a nomination? The answer is that Azerbaijan was originally slated to hold the tournament. However, Levon Aronian is Armenian and his country and Azerbaijan are still in conflict. Aronian had previously stated that he will not play in Azerbaijan thus London stepped in to hold the event. Azerbaijan was allowed to keep their nominee in the tournament.

The man in form and also the highest rated player in the world is Magnus Carlsen. My bet is on him to win. Kramnik is also in great shape and he is my other bet to win,

One thing is for sure. With a line up like this we will be treated to some great chess!


Anonymous said...

My problem is I don't understand grandmaster chess, even the move one they play, why they select that one and not another one.

abdooss said...

Carlsen should win if we look at his tournament records.. but Anand is still match champion.

My bet is on Anand, should he be against challenger Carlsen, Kramnik or Gelfand (in that order).

Jimmy Liew said...

My prediction :)

Carlsen will win the candidates and beat Anand to become World Champion!

Ilham said...

No, Jimmy, not Magnus (not yet) Caissa chose Aronian...and somehow Anand later managed to beat Aronian...and retain his WC title (for the last time)

Next cycle Magnus managed to beat Anand and become a WC for a long, long time...

Anonymous said...

Why was the old system of champion every 4 years cancelled? It couldn't have been that bad if was played for so many years. Is champion obliged to play free simuls or at least something to contribute for free to third-world chess countries?

Anonymous said...

Times change. If you are a younger player, I wonder if you have heard of adjourning a game, and the procedure of doing so.

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