Wednesday, May 30, 2012

World Championship tie-breaks today

The World Championship match between Anand and Gelfand ended in 6-6 draw with one win each and 10 draws. Thus they go into tie-breakers and whatever happens we can be sure the match will end with a champion today.

The first tie-breaker is a four game rapid match. If that too is tied, they will play a mini blitz match of two games, champion is whoever scores 1.5 points (or two points). If it is tied at 1-1 then they will play a further four such mini matches.

If all five mini blitz are still tied, then we go into Armageddon. They will draw lots and the winner decides if he wants to take four or five minutes. The player with four minutes gets draw odds - means he wins if the game is drawn. So whoever has five minutes must win.

Frankly, I hope they reach Armageddon stage. That's their punishment for giving everyone  mostly boring games in the standard stage. It is a yawn fest. Anand even offered a draw in the final game when up a pawn and Gelfand having 16 minutes for the last 18 moves. For sure, the position is likely drawn but at least make an attempt. Or even show us spectators why it is drawn.

The tie-breaks starts at 4:00 PM , Malaysian time. I just hope it is not all over before I get home :)


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