Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May Insofar Weekend

The eventual winner is Zaidan Zulkipli who scored six wins and one draw. Many web sites have the full results, for example here so I will present a critical position from the final round instead.

Zaidan continues to improve with every tournament. Here, he has one of his best performance. The last round was a nerve wrecking affair against the Filipino, Efren Bagamas. This game decided the winner of the tournament.

Bagamas - Efren, white to move
Black has just checked on a4 with the bishop. After 1. Ke2 Qb2+ 2. Kf1 Qxf2+ 3.Kxf2, the game is still open as both players already in time pressure.

Black blundered a piece with 1. Bc2?? Qb1+ 2. Ke2 Qxc2 3. Kf1 Qxf2+ 4. Kxf2 and now it's black's turn to blunder 4....Bd1??

Bagamas - Zaidan, after 4....Bd1??

White can now win with 5. c6 and one of his pawns will queen. Instead white moved the king and had to resign after black played ...Kd7.


Peter Long said...

Zaidan is a nice guy - in Brunei I was told he is taking some time off to do chess. He is getting better as is always the case when you play a lot while working on the game and I know how much it helps as well when not having to think about your job demands.
MCF should take into account good players who are making a commitment to the game and give them every opportunity to represent the country.

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