Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thrilling first rapid game

The first rapid game in the tie-breaker between Anand and Gelfand ended in a draw . Both players were really fighting here unlike their twelve standard games where they were very cautious.

Anand played white  black in the first game. It was a pretty thrilling game with a very sharp position where it is not easily clear who was better in the late middle-game. Both white and black king-sides seem exposed and this is not the kind of position you want to play in this type of time control. At this point - five minutes for Gelfand and three for Anand.

But within a space of two minutes, both players exchanged off all the pieces except for a rook each to reach a drawn rook ending.


The Chess Ninja said...

Not to be a spoilsport or anything, but Anand was playing black in the first game.

Jimmy Liew said...

Yes you're right! I was watching the video feed and it seemed the other way round :)

The Chess Ninja said...

I really thought Anand would have picked him off after Qf3. But then it's rapid. Anything can happen.

Boris seems to be having trouble again. Things don't look too good for him in Game 2. Don't really understand Bh3. The a8-h1 diagonal seemed to be much better.

Jimmy Liew said...

Anand probably botched the first game. But he seems to be in control in the second game.

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