Friday, May 18, 2012

Famous actors chess doubles

Its another Friday. The week-end beckons, World Championship match between Anand and Gelfand is yawn inducing. So lets have some fun to spice up your Friday night. No offence is intended to anyone I mentioned below.

Some chess players just reminds me of characters or actors from movies I have watched. Sometimes when I see the actor it reminds me of the corresponding chess player.

Below are just some examples to show what I mean. Do you see the resemblance?

Left: HK Movie star Lo Lieh, Right: GM Megaranto Susanto

Left: "Prince Dustan", Prince of Persia , Right: Malaysia's own Abdullah

Left: Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan , Right: Sumant Subramaniam

Left: "Bran Stark", Game of Thrones, Right: GM Teimour Radjabov

Left: IM Lim Yee Weng, Right: Matt Damon

Have a great night!


Ilham said...

Tall Abdullah Che Hassan sometimes reminds me of young Fischer :)

Anonymous said...

Yee weng... Lol.. Never tot of that! Usually, Magnus Carlsen is said to resemble Matt Damon..

Anonymous said...

Ah finally no talk about Raymond Siew. I mean, when I first met him, like, he was a nice guy. Nowadays it seems his blog is like very destructive. He is bitter with everything. Spewing acid remarks and non constructive advice. I don't hate the man. I just pity him very much. He is spiralling downwards.

Anonymous said...

His ability to twist and turn facts when confronted with the truth is amazing. No values. No ethics. No Shame. A script for a TV soap opera would not dare to put a personality like him.

Anonymous said...

That's where you are wrong. Every TV drama needs a character like this. He is the character the audience love to hate. People tune in to watch who he will attack next. Lately RS been boring. Nothing new. Come on Raymond, we need better and more provocative stuff from you. Jimmy, you should have found one famous face to pair up with RS.

Anonymous said...

True depiction of satan, God forbids!

Anonymous said...

I am a foorball fan who likes to yell profanities at players during a games by the TV and critise the coach and mansger in the coffee shop.
I don't play competitive but I am a expert like everyone else I know.

Problem is this has gone into his mind. Fantasy became Reality in his mind.

Anonymous said...

We football'fanatics' r just fun with no malice, but this ramon spill hatred on everyone. Just keep a distance or better still ban him from the chess ciscle, short of sending himm off to madhouse

Anonymous said...

GM Bong Villamayor used to play a lot in rapid tourney in JB. Abdullah Che Hassan always smiles looking at him. I did not know what the reason until he explained: GM Bong Villamayor look likes Mr. Bean!! He even added: "How to win when we want to laugh sitting in front of him!". :P

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