Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gelfand overlooks win

Game two was won by Anand to take a one game lead. In Game 3, Gelfand had Anand on the ropes. At one point he could have won a piece with an in-between move. But he missed that though he still had an extra pawn with major pieces on the board. I expected Gelfand to win but Gelfand inexplicably played a series of defensive moves in time pressure. This gave Anand the chance to re-group his pieces and created threats against Gelfand's king.

Gelfand had no choice but to exchange further pieces into a rook ending. Even with two pawns up, the ending was a theoretical draw. Anand now leads 1.5-0.5.

In the remaining game four about to start, Gelfand has to go all out to win with the black pieces to tie the tie-breaker :)

A draw for Anand will give retain the title for  him.


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