Monday, May 21, 2012

Post seventh game press conference

After each game in the world championship match, there is a press conference with both players.

You can watch the latest press conference here.

The mood from Gelfand was definitely more upbeat than in previous conferences , for obvious reasons. Anand looked grim and gave short answers to questions. Very obviously, Anand is quite upset over his loss, judging from the way he answers the questions posed to him. You can imagine he would rather be back in his hotel room rather than facing the reporters.

Another thing to note is that both players are quite guarded about their responses throughout all the press conferences. Neither wants to reveal too much information that might benefit the opponent. For example, in this one, a reporter asked Anand if he would be playing more aggressively or change his match strategy after this loss. Anand refused to comment.

Anand quickly left the room after the conference and gave reporters no chance to take his picture.


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