Monday, May 21, 2012

Gelfand scores against Anand

Gelfand has just won the first decisive in his match against World Champion Anand, last night. I only just managed to catch the last three moves in the game when Anand about to lose a piece. Briefly going through the game, I thought Anand played rather listlessly and played rather strangely.

Actually I was following the video on the official web site. During most of the games, Anand looked rather nervous in every game. This is not the same Anand that took the title from Kramnik and defended it against Topalov.

There is only five more games to go and Anand needs to win one back, most likely he need to do it tonight. I am just wondering what opening line he has in his bag of tricks. He really has to show how good his prep is.

With this scenario, the match becomes so much more interesting. Really cannot wait to follow the game tonight.

The seventh game can be played through at Gilachess here.


abdooss said...

Before the match started, my head said Anand is the stronger one, though my heart was rooting for Gelfand.

IMO, if Anand can level the score and the match goes into tie=break, Anand would score!

The Chess Ninja said...

On several occasions during the games, Anand looks bored and frustrated. He doesn't even look like he wants to be there. Honestly, I don't feel like Anand's heart is in this match.

Jimmy Liew said...

Anand does not have the ambition of a Kasparov. Maybe he has other things in his life he likes to enjoy beyond chess.

I predict he will retire if he loses this match.

Anonymous said...

lol..Gelfant lost in 17 moves match 8? Maybe Aronian went to sleep early last night and gelfant was under prepared?

Jimmy Liew said...

According to Gelfand in the press conference, he slept 8 hours straight! So it was Gelfand that went to sleep early!

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