Monday, May 21, 2012

Anand scores!

It took less than 2 hours and 17 moves when Boris Gelfand had to stop the clock and extend his hand in defeat to Anand.

Gelfand had miscalculated and over-looked Anand's queen move on the  17th move. Gelfand's queen was trapped.

Both players seem to have been in a combative move. A strange opening followed by stranger moves. Gelfand deviated from Game 3 where he played the Grunfeld. Instead a Benoni type opening ensured. Black's 7...Nh5 seemed to provoke white to play 8. g4. Instead Anand played 8. Bg5 and after 8...Bxf6 shocked everyone by capturing on f6. It did not look good for Anand as his pawns are mostly on white squares and he is left with the white-squared bishop on f1.

Just when everyone thought black had some edge, Gelfand blundered with 14...Qf6 and left his queen trapped after capturing the white rook on h1.

With just four more games to go, will the two combatants continue the trend of taking risks which they have avoided from game one to game six? We will see when the match continues on Wednesday (tomorrow is a rest day).


Anonymous said...

I think your Playchess comment was on Chessbase express report to the game?

Jimmy Liew said...

Yes, I just saw that.

Captain Planet said...

Yeay... Thumbs Up For Anand... When Sofia Polgar And Garry Kasparov seems to prefer Gelfand... I Always Support Asia People... Hohoho...

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