Friday, April 23, 2010

Who's the boss?

I found yet another new online server where I can play chess. This server is called Chess Boss.
The server offers other variants of chess as well. These are Losers, Bughouse and Random (also known as Chess960 or Wild on FreeChess server). They have another variant which I have not seen on any other online server. This is called Chess with Cubes (not to be confused with the ChessCube server!).

In this variant, you roll an online dice which have the five pieces and pawn on the cube face. You have to make a move with the piece or a pawn that comes up. If you are unable to make a move with the piece or pawn required, then the turn passes to your opponent.

A little side story. When I first learnt to play chess, I had little chance to find opponents. I played against myself.  That's right, Iwas that crazy. To make my "opponent" moves more random, I rolled a dice (assigned the numbers to pieces and pawns) and use the result to make a move.  For "my side" I played normally. Needless to say, I beat myself everytime.

This is the same idea as Chess with Cubes except I thought of it back in 1977. I should have patented this idea first!

Chess Boss also claim to have monthly Chess with Cubes tournaments where you can win cash. I am a bit skeptical about this. There is no mention about how you are going to collect your winnings. You have to qualify into the main tournament by first winning 64 satellite tournaments.

I have yet to get a game going. There is not that many players on the server yet and the rules of this new variant are rather sketchy.

You can register and play  here. A window pops up where you can either sign up or log in.


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