Friday, April 2, 2010

Re: A Burning Question

In response to Rationality who asked A Burning Question

How do you expect replies when you do not have comments enabled? Not everyone have a  blog you know.

Anyway I do not think you will get a (intelligent) reply from the 44 voters or similar like minded people.

Let's see.


Rationality said...

Oh, that's because I expect them to have one, or make one or get the message across through someone with one. Anyone can comment, especially negatively. Besides, I'm not actually expecting a reply. It was a rhetorical question.

Jimmy Liew said...

You have very high expectations of Malaysians. Since you are not expecting replies , I guess you are not going to get any this way :)

abdooss said...

Why bother Jimmy? Though I hate to relate chess & politics, in this case I have to do so. I believe some people are still caught in the pre-March2008 time warp. Though believing in democracy (if only it suited them), they only want to see one side of the coin. Don't they know Change is inevitable?

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