Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3rd KL Open: Best Malaysian

The best Malaysian performance at the recently concluded 3rd  KL Open goes to Nicholas Chan. He has a 2411 performance and narrowly missed an IM norm. The next best is Yeoh Li Tian, although he only scored fourth points. By contrast, Nicholas Chan had the highest number of points amongst the locals with six points.

Li Tian performance rating is an incredible 2314. Remember, this is from a 11 year old boy playing his first major open tournament. I have known Mas since his boyhood days and Li Tian is playing at a higher level than Mas at this age. There is no doubt that Li Tian will be a talent to watch.

His four points comes from a field including one grandmaster and four international master. Until the last round, all his opponents were rated over 2300. He had a theoretical chance of making a first IM norm, needing two points from the remaining three games. His loss to another youngster, Pak Yevgeniy, in the seventh round ended his hopes.

1 GMNiaz Murshed2413 0.5
2 Ansari Mohd Athar2370 1
3 IMPurnama Tirta Chandra2410 0.5
4 Ankit Rajpara2334 0.5
5 IMPratamesh Sunil Mokal2403 0.5
6 IMJimmy Liew2315 0.5
7 Pak Yevgeniy2333 0
8 Thakur Akash2355 0
9 IMChan Peng Kong2284 0.5


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