Monday, April 26, 2010

Asian Continental Championship 2010

The current focus is on the World Championship match between Anand and Topalov. Another event closer to home has gone under the radar. This is the Asian Continental Championship currently in progress in Subic, Philippines.

Malaysia is not represented while resident GM Ziaur Rahman is playing under Bangladesh flag.

Philippines boy prodigy Wesley So is leading at the half-way point after five rounds with four and half points.

Top seed Le Quang Liem, recent winner of the Aeroflot Open, is finding the going tough and only scored three points. He lost the first round against a much lower rated player.

The top fifteen standings:

Title NameFederation RatingPoints
GM SO Wesley PHI 2665 4,5
GM YU Yangyi CHN 2574 4,0
GM DING Liren CHN 2565 4,0
GM NI Hua CHN 2667 4,0
GM LI Chao B CHN 2613 4,0
GM GEETHA Narayanan Gopal IND 2604 4,0
GM MEGARANTO Susanto INA 2527 3,5
IM NGUYEN Huynh Minh Huy VIE 2469 3,5
FM GOLIZADEH Asghar IRI 2454 3,5
YU Ruiyuan CHN 2309 3,5
IM NADERA Barlo A PHI 2405 3,5
GM GUPTA Abhijeet IND 2560 3,5
GM SASIKIRAN Krishnan IND 2686 3,5
WAN Yunguo CHN 2424 3,5
GM ZHOU Jianchao CHN 2650 3,5


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