Monday, April 26, 2010

WCH Game 1 and 2

After two games, both players have won one game each. Both wins come with the white pieces. Topalov won against the Anand's Grunfeld. In the second game last night, Anand came up with the Catalan to even the score.

Against the Grunfeld, Topalov was very well prepared. I will not be surprised if the whole game has been analysed by him and his team beforehand. In such matches, each player will have at least two defences prepared. So the big question now is will Anand still use the Grunfeld in the next game?

Anand strikes back in game two employing the Catalan. He sacrifice a pawn for active pieces. Topalov hangs on to the pawn trusting his defensive but passive pieces. What happened next was a decisive positional win which is very hard to understand for the inexperienced. It is very difficult to defend against active pieces which threatens to over-run your position even for a player of Topalov calibre.

Today is a rest day, so the third game will resume tomorrow, Tuesday 27th April at 8:00 PM local time.


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