Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stories beyond the board - The strange book-seller

As you read this, I will be at the airport waiting for a flight to Istanbul with the rest of the Malaysian Olympiad team. Here is a tale to keep you company on this Sunday night. Read on if you dare .....

My friend lives in a Temerloh (name of a small town) housing area where it's mostly surrounded by trees and high land areas. One evening he went to town for a movie with his friends. He was
having a lot fun before he realized it was getting very late. He quickly made his way home. It was unusually dark and creepy that nite. As he was walking, he was astonished to find an old, creepy-looking street peddlar selling some books along the road. It gave him the shivers when he noticed this pale old guy staring at him. The old guy said, "Son, why don't you get a book ... it will keep you company".

My friend acted brave and thought why not. He had a look at the old man's collection ... his hair began to rise up on end when he noticed all the books were related to the supernatural. Nonetheless, he found one that was very interesting so he asked the old man, "How much is this, Uncle?" The old guy replied, "Well son ... that's an interesting book's RM250." My friend was shocked and said "But ... but ... that's so expensive..." The old man said nothing but glared at my friend which freaked him out. He quickly rummaged through his pockets and found RM200. "T-t-this's all I have" he said. The old guy replied, "It's okay, son can have the book for that price."

As my friend hastily paid for it and made a dash for home, the old man called out to him and said, "Son ...whatever happens, don't you ever flip the book to it's last page ... remember these words ...or you will regret it!!!"

Reaching home, he quickly asked his parents, "Dad ... mom ... are there any new booksellers nearby?" "Not that we know of ... but we've heard of a creepy old man that appears only at nite during a full moon and then disappears just as mysteriously. Nobody knows who he is, or where he comes from but many have become victims in his wake... why son?"

"N-nothing... just asking", said my friend and ran straight to his room. Nervously, he opened the book and began reading, all the time remembering the warning the old man had given him. But after a while, he grew tired and fell asleep. At midnite, as he was sound asleep in bed, a cold gush of wind
blew in through his bedroom window which startled him and sent chills down his spine. He looked at his table and noticed the wind had blown the pages of the book to its last page!!!!! For awhile, he laid in bed - frozen in fear, but soon curiosity got the better of him.He had to know what was on the last page.

Slowly he got out of bed and carefully picked up the book. As he glimpsed at the last page, he let out a blood-curling scream and fainted ...

This is what he read on the last page:

Retail Price : RM 20

Promotional Price : RM 10


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