Friday, August 24, 2012

New versus Old

I was checking my team's pairing in the 6th Round of the Astro Rapid Team Championship.

Found that Nicholas' team Chess Tigers is playing the Singaporean team. And my former student is playing the current one! Wish I was there to take a picture. Though not that active, Ee Vern is no pushover. I learnt through Andrew's blog that Li Tian won. Currently Li Tian has a 100% score.

By the way the pairing in Fool Gone Mad above is slightly incorrect. I'm not playing today, so Zhuo Ren is playing first board.

Zhuo Ren is still on 100% though this may change after round six. Maybe this mind thing is working.


Anonymous said...

So 13-year old Li Tian has beaten Mas in a classical game, Mok and Ee Vern in a rapid game and Nicholas in a blitz game.. Not bad eh..

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