Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Malaysia lose narrowly to Netherlands

A very creditable performance against an all GM team and the biggest upset of the first round. The Dutch must have been expecting a white wash but things turned out very differently.

IM Mok 1-0 GM Loek van Wely
IM Lim Yee Weng 0 -1 GM Ivan Sokolov
Yeoh Li Tian 0-1 GM Jan Smeets
Lim Zhuo Ren 05-0.5   GM Daniel Stellwagen

The first game to finish was Zhuo Ren. In a complex position where Zhuo Ren had five passed pawns for a piece, his opponent forced a repetition.

After that Yee Weng lost quickly leaving Li Tian and Mok to battle it out. Li Tian looked quite comfortable in the middle-game and I thought he could win but eventually he lost to his experienced opponent.

The game of the day was Mok masterly play over GM Loek van Wely. His opponent got into a passive middle-game position. Mok broke through on the queen-side and looked like he had it in the bag. In time trouble, he missed a mate but still won material to take home the point.

Tomorrow we will meet Monaco who has GM Efimov on first board.


Anonymous said...

Mok's win sure shuts someone's mouth up.... BIG time! Well done Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Opinion from a fool that does not know chess do not matter.

Anonymous said...

Errrr... I guess the BIG mouth will never know when to shut up.... tsk! tsk! tsk!

abdooss said...

Well done Mok!
If this won't shut up Raymond Siew (Fool Gone Mad)'s foul mouth about Mok, it confirms RS(FGM) is a Narcisstic Lunatic.

edfong said...

A commendable 1st round performance by the Malaysian team. All the more so in view of the attempts by some guy to unsettle the Malaysian players.

I grew up learning that we may have our differences in-house. But when come the time to compete with outsiders, we close ranks and support whoever is representing the Malaysian flag.

The word 'traitor' comes to mind when I search for a word to describe the so-called Malaysian who is doing his utmost best to unsettle our warriors. Is he hoping to see MALAYSIA flop in the international arena?

Ilham said...

Malaysian Warriors,

You guys fight in hell...and emerged not just in one piece...but healthier and stronger!! :)

But still this is very first round...and there will be many more rounds to go.

In a word of Vanessa William's..."Save the best for last"

Anonymous said...

What? Nearly 3 am and still no result posted on the website ???
Must be another conspiracy !!
Vote for FGM to save the world !

Anonymous said...

Malaysia beat Monaco 2.5:1.5 and Jimmy won!. The game may be fixed. Report to FGM.

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