Friday, August 17, 2012

Open Message to Raymond Siew

First you predict the Malaysian Team will fail miserably. Now you offer advice on how to lead the team to success. I have seen your tactic before. Its called playing both sides. If the team fails, you say "I told you so". If the team does well, you can now say "Jimmy took my advice".

Honestly I do not need any advice from you. I know how to do my job. I will play what tournaments I want. Do you not think that with 30 years in chess as opposed to your two years, I know a little bit more how to lead a chess team?

You are the one doing the most damage to chess and already everyone is aware of it. Why is every blogger de-linking you and kicking you out of Facebook chess pages and Malaysian Chess Blogs? Why is everyone telling you how they dislike (some say hate) you? I will just give the most recent example -  17 Chess Club on Facebook. You are just too thick skinned to acknowledge what is common knowledge.

If you really want to do something constructive for Malaysian Chess, the greatest sacrifice you can do is to shut down your blog. You have done enough damage already.

Here is my advice to you as a wannabe psychologist. Look at this ad.

Take the course and maybe you can get a diploma. Then you can be a real psychologist just as I am a real IM.

Do not bother reply to this post. It is not necessary and anyway this is my final response I will no longer respond further to your posts.

All my best too on getting that diploma.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Jimmy. A once and for all reply to this trouble maker. I'm appalled at him making psychological assessment & evaluation when this is a 4 year course that is tough and demanding which requires vast knowledge & a repertoire of skills.
Anyway I always believe in positive affirmation. Good luck to u and the rest of the team. We trust you and believe in you.

siew fai said...

Dear Anonymous,

Well said. Indeed appalling. Even determined neutrality have to give way...below is a post attempted on 15Aug2012 but...

Enough is enough!

At first, I wonder why he who shouts loudest tends to take the role of hijacking the Malaysian chess scene and attempt to hold sway over many bystanders like myself. To let one whom has not gone through the trial and tribulation of competitive chess take center stage, the Malaysian chess community must be a very tolerant lot.

I keep on wondering how we got among our midst a person whom has no hesitation in making disparaging remarks across the blogs. And to make things worse, this blogger claimed to be speaking for the young and weak. In my upbringing, being unkind and derogatory to others has never been the way to a life. Hold the bull by the horn and deal with the problem directly. Looping in a third party is frown upon; and to loop everybody into the fray is a violation of the chess community dignity. An oxymoron way of defending the young while providing bad teaching in the same breath!

I had always prided myself to be able to speak with a neutral voice. To be neutral and yet hold steadfast to a view is an extremely difficult task which is best not tried with recalcitrant bloggers. But when the negativity reaches a new low in attacking Team Malaysia to the Olympiad, a chess citizen in me can no longer stand in silence.

Finally, I had to throw caution to the wind and decide on penning down a few lines. It descended onto me the enormous task of writing and loading my views with the limited time I can spare. So, it is not only a case of he who shout loudest but also a factual handicap of time that had allowed the non-charlatan abuse of the blog while taking chess and us hostage!

My unbiased stand is that of standing by chess with pride. Or rather, this declared biased stand for chess may be seen more welcoming! Herewith, my view will always tends towards chess; a game for all, regardless. In fact, I defend the game whenever and wherever it is played. Whether it is played at a five foot way or a five star hotel; a bench in a park or over a cupper in a kopitiam; in a grand tournament or a mini match; chess belongs to us and shall be celebrated as such. We may honour our first IM or wish for our first GM, I make it clear here-both deeds does not allow the rape of our chess space and interest for the talented and the less talented.

siew fai said...

I had wrote once and taken on a neutral stand that you are new and may have erred without knowing the significance of good conduct in the public domain. I had placed my trust that time would have let you learn to conduct yourself elegantly. However, reasonable time had passed and your negativity in the public domain is construe as filled with malaise for chess in our sphere. The innocent bystanders in us, the ordinary chess players, are deeply hurt by your unrelenting spews...

If you may allow me to be blunt, how much does a shout-down cost? It was two million Ringgits! That happened when you have shouted down at Peter Long in Singapore. And where does that two million Ringgit destine for? It was to be used in an outreach project for the underserved and underprivileged across Malaysia. Your shout-down in an international arena bring such bad image for chess in Malaysia that the sponsor bolted. While I sell the idea of chess being clean, engaging and intellectual, you were doing an incomprehensible, inexcusable and moronic public spat. Shame on you! Do think about all the young people's life in which chess would have changed their destiny for the better. Shame on you! These young children will not have the chance to build their life with chess as their companion.

Do you intend on destroying more? If you have a fight to right perceived wrongs, try raise your own proxies without contaminating the scene.

You may have your problems with Jimmy Liew (or for that matter, PICA), take it with you and don't cause harm to others. Eat your hearts out! At a recent chess competition participated by a substantial numbers of underprivileged children, just sharing the same venue with Jimmy had already lighted up and warmed so many young hearts. How could you talk about building when you blatantly destroy? At least in Jimmy's name, these young chess players eyes glow in joy and expectation! Do your open deprecating remarks do the same? If you have an axe to grind, just take it up with him and not harm the beacon of lights that is leading many young man's (and ladies') life in chess.

Bottom-line, if you have a problem, deal with it directly and don't hijack chess from others that may needed the game more than what you are out to do. Just think about those little guys that needed chess to give them a meaning in life; those underprivileged that needed chess to put them onto the path of education par excellence; those that purely like to have a game of chess, enjoying the blunders over the board and great companions across the same sixty-four squares. If you have any heart, just leave the game alone to us all CHESS PLAYERS. Take your sour grapes somewhere else.

Chess is not just opening, middle game, end game; mind game and competition (and titles). There is so much more to it, both inside and outside the board. And if indeed you are genuine in wanting to join our ranks of chess players, you can start appreciating the game. We can show you what you have missed by not knowing what chess is all about...

Lee (an ordinary chess player claiming back our rights to a peaceful chess space)

The Chess Ninja said...

Nothing needs to be said anymore. Can't argue with a psychopath. After I found out that he has all the symptoms of a possible psychopath, there is no point in trying to get any message to him anymore.

And Siew Fai, learn how to write short sentences. In your first comment, you used at least 3 paragraphs to say that you pride yourself in being neutral. All it takes is one sentence.

Going round and round doesn't help your case at all.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jimmy,

Best just to ignore your infamous psychopath.

Over this side of the causeway, we ignore the King Rat, the Black Panther, the Ostrich, etc

Good luck for the Olympics.

Unknown Bobby

Anonymous said...

As a layperson, I'd like to point out that there was a point in time when this fiasco was somewhat entertaining to watch, but really, I stopped following this months ago, and I believe that the same goes for many others.

With all due respect, stop talking about this. You have promised to stop responding to his posts several times in the past already. Nobody is listening anymore, or at least, nobody's opinion about this matter is about to be swayed.

Anonymous said...

Please IM LIew listen to Anonymous (August 18, 2012 10:55 PM ), he's right.

Jimmy Liew said...

I already stopped for last two months. But the lies and attacks are getting too outrageous. OK, I again promise to ignore him :)

Remis Aman said...


Anonymous said...

Actually Rs has some points. Not all his sayings are bad. He has hood intention

Anonymous said...

Would just like to reiterate that everybody's stance has already been set in tone and is unlikely to change.

On a side note, most people have good intentions. For example, I would like to make controlled nuclear fusion possible, but I don't have a PhD in nuclear physics. Sure, if controllable fusion becomes possible one day, its inventor might not even have a university education. But how likely is this? One-in-billions Einstein had a PhD. What would you think if some smartarse who never even did physics in high school starts talking about cold fusion? Connect the analogy yourself.

Simon said...
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Simon said...

Well, I just read RS blog, and interested to know Jimmy's reply. I saw similar tactic in RS post in which he sat on the fence and hope to be on the winning side of the argument no matter what Malaysia achieve in the coming Olympiad. A petty man who care too much of winning an argument, where each time he further commented, he lost more and more credibility. If everyone stops responding to the crazy guy, he can't do anything. Frankly, how can someone filled with so much hatred and spill it over the internet for years.

Since RS always talk about prove it on the board, please have a match with him, maybe make it simultaneous with his son, for 10 games and shut him up forver. ... so as not to be a distraction, do it after the Olympiad. :P

Simon said...

Haha, I posted the same thing to RS blog, begging him to prove it on the board like what he always claimed, and bring his son along to play a 10 games simul with Jimmy. Guess what, he deleted my comments like a chicken and prefer to continue useless attack at his blog. What a coward.

Jimmy Liew said...

The leopard cannot change its spots.

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