Thursday, August 16, 2012

Google Nexus

I am a sucker for gadgets. Especially sleek and shiny ones.

Everyone's best friend, Uncle Google, has just released its new tablet - the Google Nexus. And I want one too. Unfortunately you cannot buy this off the shelve here in Malaysia. But you can get someone to buy it in the US and send it over. The prices are RM910 for the 8GB and RM1150 for the larger 16GB version, which is offered by some enterprising local sellers. Certainly affordable to some people.

Whats great

A quad-core processor running at 1.2GHz and 1Gb of memory. And the price of course, USD199 for the 8Gb. News is the 16Gb is all sold out.

1,280 x 800,  1.2 megapixel camera , GPS

The not so good

No micro-Sd

So what is keeping me from getting my hands on one straight away? It runs the Android operating system which means no ChessBase or Fritz which will be a deal breaker for any chess player. Good news is there are alternatives like SCID for Android to replace ChessBase and DroidFish which is a chess engine for you to play chess on the go. I have both on my Android phone and the price as they say cannot be beaten - free.

Meanwhile here is a funny video to enjoy


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