Friday, August 24, 2012

Open appeal to Raymond Siew

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Just because you do not know how to find the information does not mean it is not there.

Ref here

Again based on pure ASSumptions, you go and attack everyone and now including Yatz and Andrew.

By the way, I do not know Encik Abd Salim in 17Chess Club Facebook, I assure you he is not my crony. Again, the way you alienate everyone is beyond my comprehension.

Still think everybody do not see the truth? Think again. Nobody is believing you anymore.
Look at your blog. All I see is No Comments, No Comments, No Comments to every post. That might give you some clue.

Your behaviour is very very disturbing, even to me, the main target of your hate. Maybe Chess Ninja is right. You have a serious psychological problem. Get help. This is my sincere advice to you.

'Nuff said!


firestonemaster said...

dari abd salam kepada raymond (dari facebook)? hehehe

Dear Mr Raymond Siew (again),
Firstly, I would like to apologise to you because what I am about to say will offend you. But I feel that I have to say this, but with great reluctance;
You’re showing the symptoms of having mental illness – paranoia, feelings that everyone is out to get you, to prosecute you. It’s called Paranoid Personality Disorder. Or maybe Schizophrenia.
I really hope you would seek real treatment from real psychiatrists / psychologists / therapists, the soonest possible.
Believe me, I have seen cases of friends and neighbours similar to your condition. I repeat, you need real treatment, not just someone managing your medications.
When you engaged the professionals, they can explore all the issues you raise. You sound as if you’re instable, insecure and fragile. I acknowledged, dealing with mental illness, especially multiple conditions, is a lifetime struggle. Even with the greatest vigilance and compliance with medications, the course of that illness can be unpredictable. But the first step is to seek help, and I know, it's hard to do.
Whatever it is, I know you can overcome it.
I wish the best for you, Mr Raymond Siew.

Captain Planet said...

Everybody 'Love' Raymond...


Simon said...

The sicko trail sounds very much like Danailov, looks very much like Danailov, but not Danailov because the symptoms here is much worse.

Imagine Danailov got fired by Topalov ... and you get Raymond.

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