Sunday, August 26, 2012

Olympiad rookies shine at Festival

Our first time Olympians , Yeoh Li Tian and Lim Zhuo Ren , performed well at the Arthur Tan Festival and Astro Team Rapid over the last week.

Li Tian scored 8/11 in the Open and placed tenth ahead of several GMs (Kayumov, Laylo, Gomez, Vakhidov and Villamyor) . In the Astro Rapid Team he scored 8.5/9, taking the third board prize and helping his team to win the 2nd Best Malaysian team.

Zhuo Ren scored 7/11 in the Open but in the team he did extremely well mainly on board one. He scored 7.5/9 losing one game to a grandmaster. His total score was the highest in the team and helped us to win the Best Malaysian team prize of RM2000.00.

With these two performing at the same level, we could see a very good performance at the Istanbul Olympiad

In the final round we faced the KL ChessKids Academy lead by Filipino IM Emmanel Senador. Zaidan lost quite quickly but then I saw that Zhuo Ren holding to a drawish position. On last board, Sumant was far ahead on time and I figured that he would somehow win. My opponent declined a draw offer and almost immediately blundered a piece. Thus we defeated our higher rated opponents by 2.5-1.5.

Fool Gone Mad team members from L-R, Zaidan, Peter Long, Lim Zhuo Ren, Sumant Subramaniam, Jimmy Liew


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