Friday, February 11, 2011

Why do we lose..continued

In the last post, I asked the question why from the starting position I reached the lost position in Diagram 2.

The answer is that along the way  Black made a mistake or a number of mistakes.

Your opponent cannot force a win on you. You have to lose the game. Think about it.

Nobody can beat you, not even the greatest chess genius, if you do not make any errors.

Games are lost not won. Think about the previous sentence again until you really get it.This is a great truth.

Of course, it is easier said then done (not making errors), we are human after all.

Watch this video by Kasparov on why we lose.

After each game, what if you go back and find all those mistakes you made. Now you know you should not make such a move in such a position and next time hopefully you will not. That is how you improve. That is why you must always analyze all your games, not just won ones.

Once you have confidence in your ability to not make mistakes, your results will improve.


HeinzK said...

It's only called a mistake because, apparently, we don't want to lose

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