Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My joke

Many years ago,I used to think up jokes about chess. Alas,I never wrote them down and they are now lost forever.

In the late 1970s I was visiting Singapore with some friends. I was told this joke.

Question: What is Singapore's national bird?

I never knew Singapore had anything like a national bird. So in my ignorance I asked for the answer.

Answer: The crane

The inside joke was that Singapore was developing tremendously. Everywhere new buildings were being built and at the very top of every building in progress there sits a crane....

This inspired my own joke

Question: What is Malaysia's favourite sport?

Scroll down for the answer....

Answer: Shooting messengers

Now how did the phrase "shooting the messenger" originate? In days of old and during times of war, when one side wished to communicate with the other side, they would send a message by hand using - you guessed it - a human messenger (email was not available yet). The messenger would bring back the reply.

A messenger job is not the most healthy one. Although the job of the messenger is merely a conduit for the message, if the recipient did not like the message, he might not give a reply instead he might kill the messenger. I guess that is also a form of reply to the sender :)

There is nothing wrong with anonymous blogs. What is more important is their message. Even if you do not like the message, don't shoot the messenger.


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