Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stories from beyond the board - a chess "Gordian Knot"

After reading Chess Connections latest post  I remembered a story from the 80s.

In one particular tournament, players were encouraged to bring their own chess sets. Those without sets would have to pay to rent a set from the organizer.

In one of the pairings, both players had brought their own set (different designs and size I might add). Neither player would agree to use the other's set. Faced with this Gordian knot the tournament director made a Solomon-like decision. If they could not come to an agreement , both players would have to use the pieces for their assigned color from their own set. The joke was that both players actually agreed to this. Yes, in those days there were quite a few characters in the local chess scene.

And you can just imagine the chaotic scene on the chess board once the middle-game was reached.


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